Sunday, October 3, 2010


refreshing to know i can feel,
in the breath of numb distraction
ambivalence is no longer my middle name
for a while i thought it would be forever

i can feel everything again - unlocked, unhinged
part of me - no other path but honesty
and its complete ,
this invitation , this hand out was temporary

so what is the new lesson?
my instinct can be blinded by ignorant stupidity
nothing more, nothing less
plainly stated : i can be wrong

you have no role in this anymore
i will be nothing better
than i am right now if you were to stay - so go
soon you'll fall to the sidelines as a fractured impediment.

the obstacle is overcome
true that wanting shall come in waves,
but i shall wake-up to sunshine,
if the sun is behind the clouds it will still be..