Monday, April 12, 2010


“You may say that im a dreamer”, she grins and flicks her cigarette knowingly,
Like she knows where it will land, like he knows whats coming…
Straight into his open palm on the coffee table – the coffee table where they had fucked the night before,…
The coffee table where he had kneeled and jolted into her , penetrating her deep and fast..the coffee table where she lay with her body faced down, ass up inviting – with her left cheek, left eye, left upper and bottom lip against the glass of the coffee table….

She continued…as she watched the ash land heat filled into his hand ever so slightly…”but im not the only one…”

she gets up, he sits still
She moves like a jaguar, he stares like a lion
For what she wants she will never have
What he wants he will never have
And the game it continues, free, unmoved, contraint and un free
For what one see’s is merely there own thoughts
And what one knows is merely there own thoughts
Nothing is true. But everything is honest.
I want you I want you I want you I want you
To give me -

he sighs, she breaks her eye contact
He moves like a sloth, she blinks like a goddess
For what he loves, he has already – right here in this room
For what she loves, she has already – right here in this room
And the trust – it envelopes them , that very second
For what he believes is what she believes too
For what she believes is what he believes too
And in this moment…
Everything is true, and nothing is honest.
I love you I love you I love I love you
Insides scream, but they remain silent
She leaves. He stays…ash in hand,..and a memory of a time he could of fallen….and that stupid beatle lyric stuck in his head.


emilie said...

love that trinx. 'a memory of a time he could of fallen'. i love it i love it. xxxx

christof said...

gloThis is where the resemblances start to get really uncanny. Someone I knew really well could have been writing this... Wonderfully written. What Beatles song was it? Out of curiosity?

Christof said...

Silly me. I obviously didn't read it too well at the time...