Monday, September 28, 2009


I warned you,
I took my time and I listened to my insides first,
my outsides later
I trusted you - and so i let you in.

I warned you,
I asked you if you could hold me - underneath it all
knock down my walls
I trusted you - and so you entered,

I warned you,
I tip-toed the perimeters of who i was so it could be easy,
the diameter remains untouched,
I trusted you - and so we swam in fantasy

I warned you,
I said the truth is coming closer to the shore,
the sun is setting
I trusted you- and so we watched a sun set

I warned you,
I feared the sun had passed - winters winds
brought around reality
I trusted you - and you weren't there.

I warned you,
I examined the past, the future, until i let it go-
became content in the now
I trusted you - you entered , we swam, we watched a sun set, you disappeared...
but I trusted you.


Anonymous said...

keep writing, i appreciate your frank thoughts...a lot.

katrina said...

haha thanks...xoxo