Friday, August 21, 2009

Bon Matin Mon Amour

To have and not to hold is perplexing to me.
I can’t have you if you cant jump into my soul and let me hold you.
You don’t exist in my world when I am not holding you.
The barometer of trust lays partionied on the edge of the road
And Friday comes and goes and my brain retaliates…” give me more it’s shouting”
But my lethargic youth neglects its desire, for every ounce of ambition that hammers on my heart,
Lies another ounce of sloth like rejection.
So I breathe, and sigh and the seconds turn into minutes and the minutes turn into hours and the hours turn into sundown…
My feet flicker against the sound of the drums of my mind, and day-by-day life passes by.
I doth protest, and urge to climb a mount Vesuvius etched in my mind.
Soul screeches open up, but I ask whom to? For in my window I can’t see clearly, I can’t see dawn, nor dusk, nor shades…blind I crave, carve, create and consume.
Communicate with strangers, fingers trembling, bite my lip, swallow my pride, learn to accept – this moment, its fleeting, I don’t do regrets.
the emotional upheavel is necessary, bedsheets leave a story unsaid - a time of hope, honesty , a time of degredation, dillusional distain.
frustation reeks havoc, forces caves to open up........
ten minutes past, at least todays days been written. others are lost like mortals in the line of lifes fire.

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