Friday, June 26, 2009


I JUST WROTE THIS TO A FRIEND: i didnt think when i wrote it, it just came out, as most things do for me. I kinda liked it when I re-read it so here it is, it may make no sense but It does somewhere to me or I wouldnt of written it with such a free-spirited hand.

i want to give you a tablature,
of everything in between. of thoughts emotions all laid bare under the rug of seas.
as time moves forward, we but all stand still, immortal we think, ungrateful we stand - and then it shakes, falls out our hands.
turn to the ones we love, ask for mercy, no longer afraid of the day, live by your own rights, ignight the fire the fuel to drive.
and love me love me love me love me love is what she asks craving to smooth the naked wounds, the flesh, the starch smell lingers but the path is golden glistening just too cloudy to see...
but one day my angel, youlll be free. and then you will be able to see, your imperfection are beautiful and you draw as close as my eyes've perfection seen.
ne'er been, ne'er were but always remains, future will create whats still unknown and ill step in and out high up tiptoped.
i want you i want you i want you can u see me? vision blurred one day shell see. and then the apple will fall from the tree and eve will bight it, adam too and the juices of fruit will explode, connection, to energies that still remin unbeknown to you and unbeknown to me.

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