Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know those rare people, the one's you don't have to speak around because they GET IT? Well, for me, those people = love.
It's that kinetic energy of being able to just be, silently next to someone and understanding it that matters.
When someone spurs me to speak and speak and speak and speak and speak to the cows come home, it doesn't really mean that much, it just means we are 'divulging,' of course; sometimes this dialogue is refreshing and inspiring and new and brilliant.
BUT, for me, the clincher, the deal breaker is if you can manage to
a. get me to shut the fuck up and just listen.
b. if we can sit in silence without having to use words.

I mean, as wanky as this might sound: what are words anyway?
Words are just signs of ideas, and they mean and define everything but also can equal nothing. I GET that i love writing, so words should mean everything, but they don't because when those rare people can force me to say nothing at all- i know i'm beginning to love.
It's a bit weird to put photo's of just myself up - but this photo kinda sums it up. I was sad, very sad and in new york and my friend Gina came over and helped me out, just kinda nurtured me and it was great..and I had this cardigan on, and it kinda was the opposite to what I was feeling, but then this photo came out that she took and it was right, I fell in love with Gina as a friend that day, just by her being there. so, this photo is up for this post.

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