Thursday, June 18, 2009

no. 8

I love the number 8 its sex.
ok, funny post. This post I admit some funny things...
1. I like akon, infact i love akon - yes he is 'a kon man' he is 'a konvict' ...but i wanna make love na na na, as does he. kids get to cry about wanting things, like 'naaanaaaa' well I want to make love 'naanaaaa', AKON is onto something!

2. I like extra large soy chai lattes - and i like walking around after i buy them in a takeaway cup looking at clothes - and i know it makes me pathetic and a stereotype but i can think of no better way to waste my time.

3. I still wanna make love na na na

4.I am attracted to gay men who will never love me - namely my best friend jarrod. i constantly try spoon him in bed and he gets so freaked out that he jumps up hells high and kicks me out the bed.

5.i wrote about a 'washed out poet' on this blog in november or december 2007, i ripped into him but he is still my **** buddy.

6. the only people who have ever really 'gotten' me are 'the backstreet boys' o and 'ben lee'.

7. i consider the concept of marrying a dog daily, the only issue is that they wouldnt be able to pay any of the rent - and thats just kinda annoying - because im hells stingy

8. i am not concerned enough with the news - and honestly, dont really know what the arab-israeli conflict is about.

9. i am currently listening to Madonna "dont cry for me argentina"

10. I am better at writing than speaking, but seeing as my punctuation and disregard for the english language is at a low standard - im pretty much fucked.

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