Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am going to bite my lip,
and walk away
This is dangerous for me,
you don't even realise because you have your own life...
one perfect journey where I don't need to fit.
for I will just complicate what you know,
throw it upside down and let myself go.
and you could end up resenting me the further we grow,
let my self go- to something we don't need to rush
where the only thing ill ask for is trust.
slowness, and kindness and nothing else much
but my overall freedom, and consistency and that you remain my little crush.

But i don't think your cut out for it,
its not where you are at.
I'm not the silent type,
but i think i might tip toe out for now,
because i think your going to hurt me if i stay any longer..
the most rational, reasonable, kind I've met,
younger in age, and suffer no regrets
but i think i better leave now,
it just wont be fair on you, and it wont be fair on me
and i won't deserve it, too giving.
it was nice to meet you,
linger in my mind...walk away, I'll walk away too,
who knows...the best is yet to come...

i like right now.
on a highway of weirdness,
enjoying the ride.

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