Wednesday, March 4, 2009

R.I.P. ZOE -18.02.09

Tribute to my homegirl:
Zoe was 16, she was my ally, my solider and my favourite grey baby girl. I've written about Zoe on this blog before, but to say it quickly I got Zoe when I was 5/6 because fuk that I didnt wanna speak to humans, I wanted to roll with my dog. When I went to Kindi at the tender age of 3, they had a pet Schnauzer there, on my graduating day of kindi Katrina (me) went missing. I was searched for, for hours...parents were panicking...the 3 year old fat Katrina had runaway from her Kindi graduation (ive never liked change much).
Anyway, I was found a few hours later, chilling in the mud outside in some sorta pit. I was chilling with the dog from Kindi. When I left Kindi my heart was broken, as me and the kindi dog were going separate ways...i was going to year 1, and the dog was going to chill some more with some different kids.
Bla, heart was broken, so after hucking my parents for a year, my sister and I went to the dog breeder. We went to a shnauzer breeder cause my dog at kindi was also a Schnauzer. I remember the first time I layed eyes on the little puppy that was to become my best friend....she was cheeky and kept knocking things there was a photo frame and shed run up to it, knock it over and then runaway, duck for cover and let other dogs take the blame for it.
My mum, dad, sister and I all instantly fell in love with the mischievous little Schnauzer puppy. We decided we wanted her and made arrangements to pick her up in a week. For the following week, the family argued over about 500 names, from dux, to pokey to sandra to Phoenix to sophie....eventually we agreed on calling our little puppy zoe.
p.s. she was born on x'mas. yeh shed rad.
Anyway, the night before we picked zoe up, the bitch of a breeder called my parents to forfeit the buy, she said her price had gone up and we could no longer have her. My parents fought like the fuking vietnamese to get her. Thank G-d. ...cause the next day zoe came home and into my life.
She sat in the car in a cardboard box, that was bigger than my 5year old body. We kept her as a puppy in a playpen in the kitchen. She played ball, she shat like a trooper.
She was a rough n tough kinda gal and I fell in love with her spirit.
So Zoe and I grew together....I took her to show and tell, i dressed her up, I walked her, I wrote diary entries about her, i talked to her. ZOe love my grandma nana, and when nana passed away when i was 13, zoe was the one i turned to.
Zoe was a loud bitch, she barked at fuking everything, like a security alarm, she was super intelligent, lively and acted like a puppy for most of her 16 years. She walked 7km a day along bondi beach and then shed lie in the grass soaking up the sun for the rest of the day. She was psycho at time and would jump in big dogs faces. She had a doggy best friend called Page, but when page died a few years back zoe was a lone soldier and battled on.......
At around x'mas time of last year (her 16th birthday) , I was in germany on vacation and I got a call from my mum to tell me Zoe was in hospital and wasnt well. To be honest, I wanted to stay in Germany but knew I needed to get back and see my baby.
When I got home Zoe was really thin, she had pancreatitis and couldnt stomach food. But she was so happy still. Cause she was rad. der. She wasnt allowed any fat or she'd die, so we put her on a strict diet and shed try desperately to eat it but then she'd vomit it up, deteriorating her insides and losing her battle.
She started to mend, and kept up her spirits but everyday good day was followed by a bad day. Zoe wanted to eat so badly but she couldnt and it was the most painful thing to watch. ...around 3 weeks ago, I noticed her energy shift...and I started to pray that shed pass with peace during the night...she started to piss in her was so sad. One night I came home, and lay on the floor next to her for the night with my hands on her hoping If i gave her as much love as possible that shed either pass away at peace or wake up better. 2 weeks ago we took her to the vet and found out her kidneys were only working 25% at wich point we came to the desicsion to put her down, nobody wanted to see Zoe suffer.
The night before we put her down she lay there shaking like she knew something was wrong....the next morning my sister and I said bye to her but I didnt go to the vet cause I couldnt deal with the truth at that point. I ended up working that day from 9am-2am....denial much?
When I got home Zoe wasnt there but her blanket was. It smelt like her so I lay sniffing it. ...
my mum tells me that zoe was at peace in the end and the she was adorable. Apparantly before she went into the vet for one last time, she went to take a was so sad cause her kidneys weren't working and she couldn't shit...but like a good like thing she tried anyway.
ZOE, thank you for all the memories and for growing up with dog in my life will ever replace you. You taught me how to care for another and love unconditionally. Your smelly loud self will always be remembered I love you now always and may you rest in peace. Your the only and only baby and I love you to the moon, so so so so much.
Im sure ill see you in some shape or form again one day.


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