Tuesday, March 17, 2009

music- sydney melbourne- new stuff

hello, how are you?
so, summer is ending and autumn has encroached. I sitting in an offie right now for the day, playing receptionist- covering my friend who had to go one some shoot.
It's pretty chilled in here, except the computer lacks speakers, so I cant listen to music or watch online television to allow the time to move any quicker. I should note, that this keyboard is really quite luxurious to write on. It kinda bounces along with my fingers, unlike a mac keyboard (which im used to). The weeks seem to be rolling by very quickly at the moment with lots of things occupying my time.
A bus just stopped out the fron of the office, the people inside the bus look incredibly boring, expecet for this zany looking old man,...he hair is wiry and he has large spectacles on, with a loose-fitting white shirt. He is writing something, as he shook his pen (allowing the ink to drip to the head of the ballpoint...good my allusions get any more sexual :) ) And now the bus has driven off.
Meanwhile,whats going on in the life of Katrina?
Well, hmmm.... a few things. 1. I am fuking happy at the moment, shakras seem to be in line and loving life and the fun to be had.
Been listening to a lot of music recently and there a few bands I wanted to introduce to anyone who wants to listen, and if not well, cool, good for you.I hope you enjoy your unmusical bland life.

first band are named 'wim,' I have only seen them play once but they are enigmatic and intelligent without sounding like pretensious are wankers. The lead singer is is charismatic as fuck and they are playing next friday at OxfordArtfactory - worddup yo.
to my knoweledge all member are originally from sydney-

second band I wanna discuss are the 'young lovers,' - they have a song that sounds more like a #1 hit than a demo out - its called 'talking in french,' yes yes it does get a bit repetitive but its also a gooood song and its pretty likely that itll get stuck in your head, annoy the shit out of you eventually- but before that happens you will like it - the same way you liked bloc party when you first heard them, but if another electro dj plays 'helicopter' just to think they are something 'edgy' you might shoot them der!

The band are based in melbourne -

Third band - these are caaaaaaute- are named virgo rising, the music they have recorded is still raw as hell - talking at home recordings..but they have one song up called 'crystal night,' - listen to it- maybe listen like 8 times (takes ears time to adjust to crap recordings) but its worth it. its new, follows in footsteps of other aussie electro duo-eqsue acts but really i enjoy listening to it!- something is fresh and different about it!- they are from sydney.

o wow- daniel merriweather- i dont know where to begin. I am so blown over by his latest serving of music that i cannot not talk about it. Daniel is from the streets of melbourne. From humble beginnings...daniel is the one aussie to watch this year. He has spent some long-ass time working on this album with the likes of Mark Ronson and the result is smooth, soulful, melodic, emotive and plain hot. His voice is straight-up sexy on songs like 'cigarettes,'and 'impossible.' I cannot wait to see the mark this guy is about to leave on the australian charts when he gets a proper push sometime soon (i hope.) Though his sound is rooted in an old-school soul sensibility, it still sounds new and relevent.

hmmmmmmmm what else?

well there is always the shit hot kid cudi - and im not talking 'day n night' - nooooo sir, im talking 'man on the moon,'.
yes hes not aussie hes america but hes good.

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Jac.Wilkins. said...

Well I would very much like to say thank you for this enlightenment of new music to my life! As you know i crave the tunes.

Peace x x x x x x