Saturday, February 21, 2009

jaki brings it yo.

took the night off toinght, really tired from over-working so just chilling on the internet, looking at various sites. Anyway, i found this site .....i suggest you check it now!
I had a friend growing up called Jaki who I remeber as always being a bit crazy...we met up in spain a year or so again (her half-sister is one of my oldest friends) and spoke tirelessly about how great kink was. hehehe, it was all about girl power in a non-spice girl non feminist sense, but just like kink-sense.
blaaaaaaaa. anyway i haven't seen jaki in a while, and i just checked out her internet site and she's just a bananas amazing illustrator and im so impressed by her work, that i decided to upload some of her pictures for your pleasure. I feel like there's a strong honesty in her work, in a tongue-in-cheek way, which is just fuking cool. Her work includes self-potraits of sorts, and a sense of questioning the gendered realities that exist within the modern western world.,...the ideas that we create ourselves and where we fit in. The visually her work pops with colour, and a cartoon like strucutre, the subject matter and the way in which she presents her ideas is incredibly thought provoking. im so impressed
check it....