Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tattoo Sleeves -

Last night at work I noticed a few really good tattoo's on zee men. Then I noticed something else, im well attracted to amazing tattoo's. Why is this? Its just ink on know what I mean? It doesnt really change the person on the inside or there face...but fuk it makes a difference, (provided they have toned arms, if not its just shit) but tattoo's as of today in my life, major turn on.
like major.
other things that are turning me on, - caring qualities in men! Ones that can offer nutritional advice, fitness advice, massages..i guess this is what i need for now. nothing ethereal, artistic (but it'd help), headcasey- in need of saving, young...bla... (except little homie below would do just fine)
would rather some sort of burly bouncer these days hahah. ;)


Anonymous said...

j'adore men with tattoos as well.

we need a reunion PLEASE

Anonymous said...

and I totally agree with guys who offer fitness, nutritional advice, massages...