Saturday, January 17, 2009

the modern bj (bridget jones)

Its saturday night, it's eleven thirty p.m. -I have an ear-ache, soar throat, soar neck, tired eyes, groaning belly.I have cotton wool in my ear, soda water infront of me, along with a coca cola and english breakfast tea. I guess I'm a beverage kinda gal. I am watching series one of Sex and the city (its the only thing on the television). I am bored, trying to create parallels between my friends and my life, and the sex and the city girls lifes. Bon Jovi just appeared on this episode, he's cute. He asked her out, they met in her shrinks waiting room. Funny, I've had a shrink for a decade and never met bon jovi or anything close to him in the waiting room. Infact, I don't have a waiting room in my shrinks office, its completely private and sealed so no guests see eachother. What's also kinda funny is that two of my good friends see the same shrink. What's even funnier is once I started dating a guy who was seeing the same shrink as me at the same time yet either of us knew about it to later, after the courting had failed. Mmmmm. Weird, funny, sickly typical.
And I will leave you with this - best song of '94 - ALWAYS by BON that's what its all about. -

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Poor Little Rich Girl said...

that is ever so slightly amusing and yet sad, i hope you're well

it's jacquie btw

oh and also

for the record

i see a shrink

and i've never met anyone interesting either

in fact i too would like to meet bon jovi while waiting in the non-yet-quasi-waiting-'space' outside my shrink's office

x x