Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tattoo Sleeves -

Last night at work I noticed a few really good tattoo's on zee men. Then I noticed something else, im well attracted to amazing tattoo's. Why is this? Its just ink on know what I mean? It doesnt really change the person on the inside or there face...but fuk it makes a difference, (provided they have toned arms, if not its just shit) but tattoo's as of today in my life, major turn on.
like major.
other things that are turning me on, - caring qualities in men! Ones that can offer nutritional advice, fitness advice, massages..i guess this is what i need for now. nothing ethereal, artistic (but it'd help), headcasey- in need of saving, young...bla... (except little homie below would do just fine)
would rather some sort of burly bouncer these days hahah. ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the modern bj (bridget jones)

Its saturday night, it's eleven thirty p.m. -I have an ear-ache, soar throat, soar neck, tired eyes, groaning belly.I have cotton wool in my ear, soda water infront of me, along with a coca cola and english breakfast tea. I guess I'm a beverage kinda gal. I am watching series one of Sex and the city (its the only thing on the television). I am bored, trying to create parallels between my friends and my life, and the sex and the city girls lifes. Bon Jovi just appeared on this episode, he's cute. He asked her out, they met in her shrinks waiting room. Funny, I've had a shrink for a decade and never met bon jovi or anything close to him in the waiting room. Infact, I don't have a waiting room in my shrinks office, its completely private and sealed so no guests see eachother. What's also kinda funny is that two of my good friends see the same shrink. What's even funnier is once I started dating a guy who was seeing the same shrink as me at the same time yet either of us knew about it to later, after the courting had failed. Mmmmm. Weird, funny, sickly typical.
And I will leave you with this - best song of '94 - ALWAYS by BON that's what its all about. -

Friday, January 9, 2009

yo sydney...

Monet is in town. I know that we are all pretty convict like and un-cultured...but this could be good.
MONET AND THE IMPRESSIONISTS - till Jan 26th .,,,,art gallery of nsw.
get eduMacated!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

back in sydney - new year

hi im back in sydney...have had some amazing times in the last couple of months. Merry X'mas and Happy new year! happy chunnukah? is that how you spell it?
Whatever, i've spoted a few good looking people pop up around sydney and it got me thinking of other people that are good looking, more than good looking, it got me thinking of what I find attractive in someone...
I still am not sure if I have a 'type' per say but here a few celebrity crushes. It's weird cause growing up I didnt have a 'celebrity crush,' no posters, nudda..except that I announced on live t.v. (Channel V) that I wanted to 'lose my virginity to craig david on t.v. if it could get me front row'....ewwwwwww haahahah, how awful, and that was my 15minutes of fame. anyway, ....welcome 2009, and welcome the floodgate of unattainable crushes. love love love it.!
oh yeh, some people say I have weird taste...but if you can spot a theme...please let me know...