Monday, September 28, 2009


I warned you,
I took my time and I listened to my insides first,
my outsides later
I trusted you - and so i let you in.

I warned you,
I asked you if you could hold me - underneath it all
knock down my walls
I trusted you - and so you entered,

I warned you,
I tip-toed the perimeters of who i was so it could be easy,
the diameter remains untouched,
I trusted you - and so we swam in fantasy

I warned you,
I said the truth is coming closer to the shore,
the sun is setting
I trusted you- and so we watched a sun set

I warned you,
I feared the sun had passed - winters winds
brought around reality
I trusted you - and you weren't there.

I warned you,
I examined the past, the future, until i let it go-
became content in the now
I trusted you - you entered , we swam, we watched a sun set, you disappeared...
but I trusted you.

Monday, September 14, 2009


i lost my anchor
im out at sea
the tide is heavy
im bobbing
far from free
my body aches
my hands outstretched
you always grounded me
i cant accept what lies ahead
i know the land is near...
u the anchor - lost on oceans ground,
gone forever....
i want to shout to find you, but you've already gone....forever
and we are all still lost at sea

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This post will never be everything that it could be, so im just going to write...thats what Adam always told me to do. "katrina, you should write, its the place where all your thoughts go - your lucky to have something like that." I used to send him poems was my way of communicating with him.
I met adam through weird circumstances in 2006, it took my a year to trust him and then another six months to give him a little section of my heart - safe to say he'll have that section forever.
There is nobody in my life that has inspired me more to be a better person, to be honest and to accept people for what they are. What I learnt from Adam on the daily, was about living - about being grateful - about the joy of being. I didnt know adam from living in America - though we met when I lived in New York. I didnt know him from AA and I didn't know him through the DJ circuit. I knew adam as a random guy i happened to meet when my world was crashing.
There was never any question in my mind that I met him for a reason, because he saved my life - something I made him aware of from day one. For me, adam has always been an angel - and the dearest friend, i couldn't of asked for more.
The oddest part about receiving the devastating news about his passing was a feeling for me like he had prepared me for this. Something adam constantly talked to me about was they was people deserved to be happy, the way people deserved to accept eachother and themselves for exactly who they are, the way people shouldnt want to change a thing about those they loved - because if they truly love them - they should accept them with all there imperfections. It is through Adam that I learnt the gift of prayer, of being thankful for the present moment - not holding out for what could be tomorrow....
I feel safe in the idea that Adam is now looking over all of us, I feel grateful beyond words to know that I got to experience someone of his kind this lifetime. Adam has left the world with gifts that those who had the pleasure of knowing him can take with them forever ...his music inspired, his charity inspired, his fight inspired and his love inspired.
I am going to miss my friend everyday, I am going to continue to learn from my friend everyday - listening to the lessons he taught me and prepared me in advance with...I dont think I could cherish anyone more - I am eternally grateful for everything...
It's rare beyond rare to meet someone who is constantly there - through the good and bad, the ugly and the beautiful - I met someone who was constantly there even when they couldn't be physically - and i know he will always be here - in my heart, looking over us , teaching us and reminding me everyday "katriiiiiiiiina, calm down."

:) Adam - this is for you: i'll 'try' calm down- "hunny i'll turn it down a notch" , i'll do what makes me happy, i'll enjoy the present, i'll always be honest, i'll love my family - i'll try work on my relationship with my sister, i'll work my butt off, i'll make sure i find someone who loves me for exactly who i am and i'll thankyou everystep along the way. im going to make you proud.

BEAR, PUNCHY and the lil family.

love and deepest condolences to all those affected - his momma, muggsy, friends and family.

hey, adam - you can finally meet zoe, i promise she's the best dog ever - and shes nuts like me and i know you hated how long my messages to you were - i crashed you blackberry haha but you know - i had to do it...
p.s. - i still dont get why you loved Locke in lost so much...
R.I.P. - i hope you are in peace . i love you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bon Matin Mon Amour

To have and not to hold is perplexing to me.
I can’t have you if you cant jump into my soul and let me hold you.
You don’t exist in my world when I am not holding you.
The barometer of trust lays partionied on the edge of the road
And Friday comes and goes and my brain retaliates…” give me more it’s shouting”
But my lethargic youth neglects its desire, for every ounce of ambition that hammers on my heart,
Lies another ounce of sloth like rejection.
So I breathe, and sigh and the seconds turn into minutes and the minutes turn into hours and the hours turn into sundown…
My feet flicker against the sound of the drums of my mind, and day-by-day life passes by.
I doth protest, and urge to climb a mount Vesuvius etched in my mind.
Soul screeches open up, but I ask whom to? For in my window I can’t see clearly, I can’t see dawn, nor dusk, nor shades…blind I crave, carve, create and consume.
Communicate with strangers, fingers trembling, bite my lip, swallow my pride, learn to accept – this moment, its fleeting, I don’t do regrets.
the emotional upheavel is necessary, bedsheets leave a story unsaid - a time of hope, honesty , a time of degredation, dillusional distain.
frustation reeks havoc, forces caves to open up........
ten minutes past, at least todays days been written. others are lost like mortals in the line of lifes fire.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



and finally



Song of the daay: Dj SKREAM remix of la roux ' in for the kill.' its like vanilla ice-cream dripping down a waffle cone. its fuking sex. bliss. sublime. your divine....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


My best friend directed this a few years was her directorial debut and she was like 20 or 21. I think she was 20...
her website can be found @ htttp://
SO PROUD looking back at this clip, there was bascially no budget so all our friends pitched in to help with the art etc... except me - i was banned from set! Seriously, i talk too much, and am 'too distracting,' so I was NOT allowed near the set for the duration of the shoot. It was probably a good idea on her behalf because the results are stunning.
Lisa Mitchell - Incomplete Lullaby

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Social conditioning
By no means to I mean to sound emo when I say this, but in order to discuss social conditioning I feel like using the biggest example first will help in understanding what exactly I mean when I use the term: social conditioning.
I studied at the university of sydney, where there was a foot-bridge that went over parammata road, which is a busy 4 lane road.
Often I'd park my car on one side of the foot-bridge and walk over it to get to campus. I was in my first year of philosophy, studying determinism, writing a paper on hard-determinism, and contemplating a lot about morals, and the extend unto which we live in a policed state, - whereby, policing is something we do to ourselves (not necessarily something that is inflicted upon us by higher powers.) So, im walking along the footbridge, and im happy, im really happy but then I look down and thought 'what if i just jumped off this bridge...' now, i know how fucked up this might read, and depression, anxiety and all that kinda thing is stuff ive dealt with BUT this wasnt about any of the above, I thought WHAT is this moral code, this social conditioning , which makes us constantly control ourselves moving through life without being aware of it. Maybe its our sanity that keeps us from walking off bridges, but what I find really interesting is the DIFFERENCE between those who ponder jumping off a bridge (by no means am i suggesting anyone do it,....dah) and those who dont even think about it, because they are happy to not think about anything but the obvious.
So theres this bridge, and im thinking , its so crazy that I walk on this everyday, that im trained to not try anything stupid, not experiment with this structure, but whose to say what i can and cant do? This is when I began thinking wow, im my own policing state, im not free, none of us are, because we all know there are certain impossibilities and we can never overcome them....such as trying to fly, or survive jumping onto a car off a freeway...NOW i know this is extreme, but I just had to give the example to look at something more minor and not so obvious, something subliminal.

I have come to this 'cross-road' in life where i am realising how much I am missing out on because my inner critic, my inner voice that says I cant is stopping me from facing certain truths. I am going to remain ambiguous as to what these truths are, but let me just say, i blame most of this 'fear' i have on facing myself on social conditioning. Like, yes, if i stepped off the footbridge id most likely face my maker but if i step in a new direction than what ive been taught, as far as this 'ambigious' thing im talking about goes i'd probabbly be a lot fuking happier. i dont know? the point it, what stops us humans from just letting go of the social conditions unto which we force ourselves to prescribe to. I am fairly open minded, I accept people for what they are, and can handle most honest conversations about intense and personal issues of people and dont judge, I tell people constantly to focus on accepting people and choices, and just embracing everything but in the end i shy away from really letting go. It makes me think, WHO are the people/the influences that prescribe WHAT i think and the way i act, is it my family, my peers, was it my schooling, my first lover...was it my favourite book...
bla, look this are all thoughts but if you are reading this take a moment tomorrow to think whilst your going about your daily routine about how much you do because someone influenced you to do it, NOT because inside its what you really wanted. ie- why do we automatically drive the same routes everyday, or fight about the same boring issues over and over, why are we soooo unfree...
look, this was a really shit post to be honest, and i think im finding it hard to articulate what i mean, but whatever.
ive now written this, so here it will stay.
goodnight x

Friday, June 26, 2009


I JUST WROTE THIS TO A FRIEND: i didnt think when i wrote it, it just came out, as most things do for me. I kinda liked it when I re-read it so here it is, it may make no sense but It does somewhere to me or I wouldnt of written it with such a free-spirited hand.

i want to give you a tablature,
of everything in between. of thoughts emotions all laid bare under the rug of seas.
as time moves forward, we but all stand still, immortal we think, ungrateful we stand - and then it shakes, falls out our hands.
turn to the ones we love, ask for mercy, no longer afraid of the day, live by your own rights, ignight the fire the fuel to drive.
and love me love me love me love me love is what she asks craving to smooth the naked wounds, the flesh, the starch smell lingers but the path is golden glistening just too cloudy to see...
but one day my angel, youlll be free. and then you will be able to see, your imperfection are beautiful and you draw as close as my eyes've perfection seen.
ne'er been, ne'er were but always remains, future will create whats still unknown and ill step in and out high up tiptoped.
i want you i want you i want you can u see me? vision blurred one day shell see. and then the apple will fall from the tree and eve will bight it, adam too and the juices of fruit will explode, connection, to energies that still remin unbeknown to you and unbeknown to me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

no. 8

I love the number 8 its sex.
ok, funny post. This post I admit some funny things...
1. I like akon, infact i love akon - yes he is 'a kon man' he is 'a konvict' ...but i wanna make love na na na, as does he. kids get to cry about wanting things, like 'naaanaaaa' well I want to make love 'naanaaaa', AKON is onto something!

2. I like extra large soy chai lattes - and i like walking around after i buy them in a takeaway cup looking at clothes - and i know it makes me pathetic and a stereotype but i can think of no better way to waste my time.

3. I still wanna make love na na na

4.I am attracted to gay men who will never love me - namely my best friend jarrod. i constantly try spoon him in bed and he gets so freaked out that he jumps up hells high and kicks me out the bed.

5.i wrote about a 'washed out poet' on this blog in november or december 2007, i ripped into him but he is still my **** buddy.

6. the only people who have ever really 'gotten' me are 'the backstreet boys' o and 'ben lee'.

7. i consider the concept of marrying a dog daily, the only issue is that they wouldnt be able to pay any of the rent - and thats just kinda annoying - because im hells stingy

8. i am not concerned enough with the news - and honestly, dont really know what the arab-israeli conflict is about.

9. i am currently listening to Madonna "dont cry for me argentina"

10. I am better at writing than speaking, but seeing as my punctuation and disregard for the english language is at a low standard - im pretty much fucked.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know those rare people, the one's you don't have to speak around because they GET IT? Well, for me, those people = love.
It's that kinetic energy of being able to just be, silently next to someone and understanding it that matters.
When someone spurs me to speak and speak and speak and speak and speak to the cows come home, it doesn't really mean that much, it just means we are 'divulging,' of course; sometimes this dialogue is refreshing and inspiring and new and brilliant.
BUT, for me, the clincher, the deal breaker is if you can manage to
a. get me to shut the fuck up and just listen.
b. if we can sit in silence without having to use words.

I mean, as wanky as this might sound: what are words anyway?
Words are just signs of ideas, and they mean and define everything but also can equal nothing. I GET that i love writing, so words should mean everything, but they don't because when those rare people can force me to say nothing at all- i know i'm beginning to love.
It's a bit weird to put photo's of just myself up - but this photo kinda sums it up. I was sad, very sad and in new york and my friend Gina came over and helped me out, just kinda nurtured me and it was great..and I had this cardigan on, and it kinda was the opposite to what I was feeling, but then this photo came out that she took and it was right, I fell in love with Gina as a friend that day, just by her being there. so, this photo is up for this post.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Not so long ago I started meditating or in other words praying every night. I dont pray to a particular G-d, so that's why I call it meditating because it is more of a personal meditative practice.
Someone, who was very influential in my life taught me the 'serenity prayer' which is a prayer commonly associated with recovering addicts. It goes like this:
"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference."
For me, the hardest struggle I face is learning to accept people for exactly who they are. The biggest gripe we have with others is when we want to change them so the best lesson is to start focusing on the fact that we cant control them, we can rather accept them and get on with the joy of really living with acceptance. The other part of this prayer that I love is about courage. Sometimes when I think about courage I think of the Lion in the 'Wizard of Oz'and how he is on the search for courage. I am literally, digging for courage everyday, courage to walk away from the things that are bad for me, the things that are unhealthy to my soul. Though we cannot change, nor control others, we can manifest change within ourselves and it takes courage. I do not have enough courage, but I am working on it.We can keep asking ourselves why the same mistakes keep happening, why we can't let go of a certain something...but we can, we just need to find the courage to let these things go and induce change.
This is getting preachy, so i'm going to go now. heheh
I'll just leave with one thought: if we never allowed ourselves the capacity to change and face ourselves then we would never really grow. if we keep forcing others to change we are just trying to control them, whether in work, love or friendship relationships...and in life, it may be hard to see but we can't control anything, nobody has the answers...all we can do is be the best versions of ourselves that we know how and that takes work every single day and thats why I say this prayer everynight, remind myself and be grateful.
x x peace x x

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am going to bite my lip,
and walk away
This is dangerous for me,
you don't even realise because you have your own life...
one perfect journey where I don't need to fit.
for I will just complicate what you know,
throw it upside down and let myself go.
and you could end up resenting me the further we grow,
let my self go- to something we don't need to rush
where the only thing ill ask for is trust.
slowness, and kindness and nothing else much
but my overall freedom, and consistency and that you remain my little crush.

But i don't think your cut out for it,
its not where you are at.
I'm not the silent type,
but i think i might tip toe out for now,
because i think your going to hurt me if i stay any longer..
the most rational, reasonable, kind I've met,
younger in age, and suffer no regrets
but i think i better leave now,
it just wont be fair on you, and it wont be fair on me
and i won't deserve it, too giving.
it was nice to meet you,
linger in my mind...walk away, I'll walk away too,
who knows...the best is yet to come...

i like right now.
on a highway of weirdness,
enjoying the ride.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Probably one of the hottest kids on my street right now, and by street i mean turf, and by turf i mean city-
introducing: Byron Spencer.

his skin is golden, he's super adorable and hug worthy, o yeah and he's talented. der check him out - interviews, photos, its a celebration, like the song - 'celebrate good times c'mon, its a celebration.' - byron spencer

Friday, May 22, 2009


your a fucking weight
and you started when i was too young to know better
and ive tried so hard to let you go
pushed this memory to places the dark doesnt go
your my deepest wounding,
my earliest memory,
and ive done all this work to make myself better
yet it only gets worse as time gets farther
a decade plus more,
i dont think about it- and enjoy most days
but my anchor remembers
everytime i try my body doesnt feel
im an empty vessel with scars not healed
but i crave to enjoy it- most humans do
inside im an island, alone, free standing
i want but cant let your ship enter this baron land of mine...
he says he cant read me,
well i cant either...what turns my light off and on?
i cant enjoy whats rightfully mine
i have no answers
except to blame you,
the rule in life is that nobody should ever blame another
but i blame you...
because its your impure undoings,
i was only a child - naive- blinded with desire
i didnt deserve it, my minds in denial
i trusted you,
i know itll get better in the right time, place and space
youve made me stronger in remittance,
sad truth is that it wont change
till the scars heal more, the ghost walks away
and hopefully one day this vessel that im stuck in that should of been mine alone always
will be safe and ready to share
a new history of nurture, support and care

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i met a man late march/early april, we knew each-other for forty-eight hours, it was a romance of physical contact, but a deep and definitive understanding.
i met him at work, a chance-encoutner...i happened to be friendly, he happened to oblige.
i forgot what it felt like for someone to look at me through rose-coloured glasses until he spoke to me, and he forgot what it felt like to not worry.
i have no idea if i will ever see him again, either way it's ok - we both learnt something from each-other.
i wrote him these lyrics the night before we met for our goodbye breakfast.
thought i'd share:

whiplash happens fast,
im no longer standing up
threw me out of whack and i realise it was cold.
when i stand still i forget my focus,
i lose my grip, my hold,

and something happens quickly and its no longer about control
cause as i walk eachday,its a path thats yet untold.
a suprise in the present
instincfully i trust you and i know this lesson has more to it to mould

im not sure what ive learnt yet
it will come to me,
i understand some moments are better left open-ended
and constraints of time wont bind there tick tock , but that this can all just be...

for a reason i want to thank you, i reason i dont know
i sort of feel like i know you, i have no idea of why,
but from a unusual hidden place, a vulnerable screeching space
a hidden burrow, sometimes unlocked a special thankyou a deep honest sigh
a reasoned twinkle, i cant deny.

and something happens quickly and its no longer about control
cause as i walk eachday,its a path thats yet untold.
a suprise in the present
instincfully i trust you and i know this lesson has more to it to mould

this may sound sensless, confused and amok
but inside i know theres meaning in this,
so i can just trust.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok, just watching crap reality TV on MTV downstairs in my house and thought about how i haven't written in a while.
People, love to talk about how blogging is narcissistic, they love to say things like 'why do you think what you have to say is important?'
I don't think anything I have to say is any more important than anyone else, I just happen to like writing my thoughts and occasionally sharing that's why I have is what it is.

I got in a funny situation a month or so ago. I happened to see a short film online, on youtube, and the caption below it read "original short made for 20dollars". I had found the link through a friends facebook. The short film was 6 minutes long. I watched the first three minutes...and thought, assumed, judged- this film was not "original,". Why? because I had something that looked & sounded incredibly familiar to this film on my show reel sitting at home. I didn't know who had made it but I commented on my friends facebook page that I thought this film was crap because it lacked originality etc etc, truth be told I was pissed off. ..

The director, writer, producer of the film happened to also know my friend on facebook, saw my comment and contacted me privately. He (using unnecessary swear words) assured me had not plagiarized and that I was being a stupid cow. Ironically, the director happened to know the man that I had bought the "original" script off, and told me that he'd contacted the man who explained he saw similarities but that these things are some time coincidences.

yadda, yadda, yadda....I apologised for my rude comments on my friends facebook, because I agree one should never assume. It remains true in my mind that the similarities were uncanny and the fact that we strangers both happened to know the man I thought originally wrote it remains an ironic coincidence . ...
anyway, moral of the story: if we put 'art' in any format out there, be prepared to be judged.

The director of the short film has a small fan base, and takes his films very seriously. My comments about his film lacking originality offended him greatly. What this man failed to understand was, with anything we put ourselves out do, comes criticism, the sooner we can learn to cop it, shrug it or take it on, the sooner stupid little comments don't matter as much.

On the reverse side, the most important thing is giving everything a go. I have to commend directors, writers, musicians, dancers, visual artists for having the guts to put themselves on a platform unto which society judges them. One of my jobs is to go through demos of musicians and pull out the ones who may have a 'future' in the music industry. It is scary how many demos sound un-done, ill-prepared and generally painful to listen to BUT it is commendable that people give things a real go. I can admit my largest character flaw (so to speak) is a fear of really putting myself out there to fall flat on my face. Perhaps, somewhere earlier in this life I failed at something, but really, it's never really a fail, its where you go from fail...and how.

So i'm going to start writing more, to get my frustration out, to get my sadness, joy, and love out, and its not for anyone else but me, because this is one of the many things I enjoy doing.

I recently spent sometime with my friends in Los Angeles and i found myself feeling tender in a 'awwww my friends are amazing' kinda way, for the first time in a long time. I have a friend named Tarquin, he is younger than me but his wisdom leaves me awe-struck. I was sitting on Tarquins bed watching a film, when I got into a slight argument-situation with the person on the other end of the phone. I was starting to get quite irritated ...the person on the other end of the phone was a friend from Sydney (home) who was letting me down. Tarquin sat still, looked at me, smiled, his eyes curled up a bit and with a loving nod he said "Katrina, none of this matters, it doesn't matter." Tarquin, was right. I hung up the phone and I just let it go...and let all the bullshit go with it, for the first time in a long time. It is the friends that can stand still, sit still , listen, observe and just simply be there and understand, that are the ones that really make me understand what friendship is about. We can have a million friends, but it is so rare to meet someone who can know you, the most inner honest version of you , the you with all your scars, all your ugly and all your beauty and be able to hold the WHOLE you that matter. I am so grateful for my friends that i know are there and that i will always be there for.

Finally, I want to talk about blogs are a stream of consciousness for me. I don't know what I am going to say when I write them. they just kinda happen and now I wanna talk about LOVE for a minute.

I have this 'mail' document on my laptop that for some reason is synced with my email from a year ago, to the date. and a year ago I was in love. its a love I never really understood, that blossomed into a friendship i am still learning from and grateful for. But, when I look at these emails that I wrote a year ago I begin to miss love. I cant believe (now that wounds have healed and I'm back to being myself again) just HOW much your willing to give another when you are in love. When I read the things I used to write him, I wonder if ill ever expose that particular side of me again. No relationship should ever emulate another relationship, everyone brings out a different side of our personalities. I kinda think, the side I gave this person in the past was that of someone vulnerable and too willing to change, because if theres one thing I learnt its that we cant change for others, we can only change for ourselves. I am so lucky I have experienced what all that feels like, and I am equally as lucky that I wasn't given what i wanted or I wouldn't have learnt what i now know. If something is meant to happen it'll happen and we shouldn't go trying to control the outcome, we should just let it be, (like my friend Tarquin said to me in one way or another in Los Angeles.) I am finally learning to tell my mind when to shut the fuck up, and its a healthy thing ;)

So, back to love. Love is a whole lot of fun and I might not show that part of me again to anyone else, because that part of me belongs to that relationship, as much as another great part of me will belong to another...and that's all I have to say for now. I know it was a serious post, and i'm usually funnier when I rant, but this is a part of me I have to acknowledge right now. DEEP BABY, SO DEEP :) hahahahahha

xoxo Katrina

also my amazing good friend cara just launched her first collection of her line 'warflower.' the official opening is next week in sydney, flyer is below. the headpieces and necklaces are fucking amazing and im so proud of her. she is one of the most talented people i know..she also directs, animates...o and has photography published in places like rolling stone. yeh i know right. - her blog is on the side under 'kicia'.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

music- sydney melbourne- new stuff

hello, how are you?
so, summer is ending and autumn has encroached. I sitting in an offie right now for the day, playing receptionist- covering my friend who had to go one some shoot.
It's pretty chilled in here, except the computer lacks speakers, so I cant listen to music or watch online television to allow the time to move any quicker. I should note, that this keyboard is really quite luxurious to write on. It kinda bounces along with my fingers, unlike a mac keyboard (which im used to). The weeks seem to be rolling by very quickly at the moment with lots of things occupying my time.
A bus just stopped out the fron of the office, the people inside the bus look incredibly boring, expecet for this zany looking old man,...he hair is wiry and he has large spectacles on, with a loose-fitting white shirt. He is writing something, as he shook his pen (allowing the ink to drip to the head of the ballpoint...good my allusions get any more sexual :) ) And now the bus has driven off.
Meanwhile,whats going on in the life of Katrina?
Well, hmmm.... a few things. 1. I am fuking happy at the moment, shakras seem to be in line and loving life and the fun to be had.
Been listening to a lot of music recently and there a few bands I wanted to introduce to anyone who wants to listen, and if not well, cool, good for you.I hope you enjoy your unmusical bland life.

first band are named 'wim,' I have only seen them play once but they are enigmatic and intelligent without sounding like pretensious are wankers. The lead singer is is charismatic as fuck and they are playing next friday at OxfordArtfactory - worddup yo.
to my knoweledge all member are originally from sydney-

second band I wanna discuss are the 'young lovers,' - they have a song that sounds more like a #1 hit than a demo out - its called 'talking in french,' yes yes it does get a bit repetitive but its also a gooood song and its pretty likely that itll get stuck in your head, annoy the shit out of you eventually- but before that happens you will like it - the same way you liked bloc party when you first heard them, but if another electro dj plays 'helicopter' just to think they are something 'edgy' you might shoot them der!

The band are based in melbourne -

Third band - these are caaaaaaute- are named virgo rising, the music they have recorded is still raw as hell - talking at home recordings..but they have one song up called 'crystal night,' - listen to it- maybe listen like 8 times (takes ears time to adjust to crap recordings) but its worth it. its new, follows in footsteps of other aussie electro duo-eqsue acts but really i enjoy listening to it!- something is fresh and different about it!- they are from sydney.

o wow- daniel merriweather- i dont know where to begin. I am so blown over by his latest serving of music that i cannot not talk about it. Daniel is from the streets of melbourne. From humble beginnings...daniel is the one aussie to watch this year. He has spent some long-ass time working on this album with the likes of Mark Ronson and the result is smooth, soulful, melodic, emotive and plain hot. His voice is straight-up sexy on songs like 'cigarettes,'and 'impossible.' I cannot wait to see the mark this guy is about to leave on the australian charts when he gets a proper push sometime soon (i hope.) Though his sound is rooted in an old-school soul sensibility, it still sounds new and relevent.

hmmmmmmmm what else?

well there is always the shit hot kid cudi - and im not talking 'day n night' - nooooo sir, im talking 'man on the moon,'.
yes hes not aussie hes america but hes good.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

R.I.P. ZOE -18.02.09

Tribute to my homegirl:
Zoe was 16, she was my ally, my solider and my favourite grey baby girl. I've written about Zoe on this blog before, but to say it quickly I got Zoe when I was 5/6 because fuk that I didnt wanna speak to humans, I wanted to roll with my dog. When I went to Kindi at the tender age of 3, they had a pet Schnauzer there, on my graduating day of kindi Katrina (me) went missing. I was searched for, for hours...parents were panicking...the 3 year old fat Katrina had runaway from her Kindi graduation (ive never liked change much).
Anyway, I was found a few hours later, chilling in the mud outside in some sorta pit. I was chilling with the dog from Kindi. When I left Kindi my heart was broken, as me and the kindi dog were going separate ways...i was going to year 1, and the dog was going to chill some more with some different kids.
Bla, heart was broken, so after hucking my parents for a year, my sister and I went to the dog breeder. We went to a shnauzer breeder cause my dog at kindi was also a Schnauzer. I remember the first time I layed eyes on the little puppy that was to become my best friend....she was cheeky and kept knocking things there was a photo frame and shed run up to it, knock it over and then runaway, duck for cover and let other dogs take the blame for it.
My mum, dad, sister and I all instantly fell in love with the mischievous little Schnauzer puppy. We decided we wanted her and made arrangements to pick her up in a week. For the following week, the family argued over about 500 names, from dux, to pokey to sandra to Phoenix to sophie....eventually we agreed on calling our little puppy zoe.
p.s. she was born on x'mas. yeh shed rad.
Anyway, the night before we picked zoe up, the bitch of a breeder called my parents to forfeit the buy, she said her price had gone up and we could no longer have her. My parents fought like the fuking vietnamese to get her. Thank G-d. ...cause the next day zoe came home and into my life.
She sat in the car in a cardboard box, that was bigger than my 5year old body. We kept her as a puppy in a playpen in the kitchen. She played ball, she shat like a trooper.
She was a rough n tough kinda gal and I fell in love with her spirit.
So Zoe and I grew together....I took her to show and tell, i dressed her up, I walked her, I wrote diary entries about her, i talked to her. ZOe love my grandma nana, and when nana passed away when i was 13, zoe was the one i turned to.
Zoe was a loud bitch, she barked at fuking everything, like a security alarm, she was super intelligent, lively and acted like a puppy for most of her 16 years. She walked 7km a day along bondi beach and then shed lie in the grass soaking up the sun for the rest of the day. She was psycho at time and would jump in big dogs faces. She had a doggy best friend called Page, but when page died a few years back zoe was a lone soldier and battled on.......
At around x'mas time of last year (her 16th birthday) , I was in germany on vacation and I got a call from my mum to tell me Zoe was in hospital and wasnt well. To be honest, I wanted to stay in Germany but knew I needed to get back and see my baby.
When I got home Zoe was really thin, she had pancreatitis and couldnt stomach food. But she was so happy still. Cause she was rad. der. She wasnt allowed any fat or she'd die, so we put her on a strict diet and shed try desperately to eat it but then she'd vomit it up, deteriorating her insides and losing her battle.
She started to mend, and kept up her spirits but everyday good day was followed by a bad day. Zoe wanted to eat so badly but she couldnt and it was the most painful thing to watch. ...around 3 weeks ago, I noticed her energy shift...and I started to pray that shed pass with peace during the night...she started to piss in her was so sad. One night I came home, and lay on the floor next to her for the night with my hands on her hoping If i gave her as much love as possible that shed either pass away at peace or wake up better. 2 weeks ago we took her to the vet and found out her kidneys were only working 25% at wich point we came to the desicsion to put her down, nobody wanted to see Zoe suffer.
The night before we put her down she lay there shaking like she knew something was wrong....the next morning my sister and I said bye to her but I didnt go to the vet cause I couldnt deal with the truth at that point. I ended up working that day from 9am-2am....denial much?
When I got home Zoe wasnt there but her blanket was. It smelt like her so I lay sniffing it. ...
my mum tells me that zoe was at peace in the end and the she was adorable. Apparantly before she went into the vet for one last time, she went to take a was so sad cause her kidneys weren't working and she couldn't shit...but like a good like thing she tried anyway.
ZOE, thank you for all the memories and for growing up with dog in my life will ever replace you. You taught me how to care for another and love unconditionally. Your smelly loud self will always be remembered I love you now always and may you rest in peace. Your the only and only baby and I love you to the moon, so so so so much.
Im sure ill see you in some shape or form again one day.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


there is a new hip hop crew in town. they are very cute....demo is being made at present.
in other news,,,,the club has opened in sydneys cross, its 33 bayswater road, its cute, very chic, very parisian rock n regal, non ed hardy...mmmmmmmmmm.....
check this out. friend in New York is one of the contributers, most hilarious videos i've seen in a while, keeps me fresh with new material to laugh about, genrally about peoples major highligh was posted in may titled 'Charlene our awesome intern." shes so fuking hot. x
today summer ended - hello autumn.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

jaki brings it yo.

took the night off toinght, really tired from over-working so just chilling on the internet, looking at various sites. Anyway, i found this site .....i suggest you check it now!
I had a friend growing up called Jaki who I remeber as always being a bit crazy...we met up in spain a year or so again (her half-sister is one of my oldest friends) and spoke tirelessly about how great kink was. hehehe, it was all about girl power in a non-spice girl non feminist sense, but just like kink-sense.
blaaaaaaaa. anyway i haven't seen jaki in a while, and i just checked out her internet site and she's just a bananas amazing illustrator and im so impressed by her work, that i decided to upload some of her pictures for your pleasure. I feel like there's a strong honesty in her work, in a tongue-in-cheek way, which is just fuking cool. Her work includes self-potraits of sorts, and a sense of questioning the gendered realities that exist within the modern western world.,...the ideas that we create ourselves and where we fit in. The visually her work pops with colour, and a cartoon like strucutre, the subject matter and the way in which she presents her ideas is incredibly thought provoking. im so impressed
check it....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

domestic much..

Ummm, ok
so here goes....
truth: i cant fucking cook.
I dont know where I missed the boat, but I can't cook.
not at all.
I tried to fry an egg, but it wouldnt fry.
How can I ever be a good housewife with this problem.
I'm upset.
I'm going to go cry...
and then im going to learn to do the basics: spaghetti, shnitzel, mashed potato, eggs, .....
this is so embarassing.
peace out

Sunday, February 1, 2009

multi-tasking aminals...rawwwww

this is 2 months tooo old for all my friends who are geeks like me! BUT, it had to be posted. so enjoy it, its addictive and actually a well fit tune!
peace in the middleeast - cocacola freezies are dope - enjoy the video!

COACHELLA 2009 - have you seen the line-up ? in a beastie boys mood.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tattoo Sleeves -

Last night at work I noticed a few really good tattoo's on zee men. Then I noticed something else, im well attracted to amazing tattoo's. Why is this? Its just ink on know what I mean? It doesnt really change the person on the inside or there face...but fuk it makes a difference, (provided they have toned arms, if not its just shit) but tattoo's as of today in my life, major turn on.
like major.
other things that are turning me on, - caring qualities in men! Ones that can offer nutritional advice, fitness advice, massages..i guess this is what i need for now. nothing ethereal, artistic (but it'd help), headcasey- in need of saving, young...bla... (except little homie below would do just fine)
would rather some sort of burly bouncer these days hahah. ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the modern bj (bridget jones)

Its saturday night, it's eleven thirty p.m. -I have an ear-ache, soar throat, soar neck, tired eyes, groaning belly.I have cotton wool in my ear, soda water infront of me, along with a coca cola and english breakfast tea. I guess I'm a beverage kinda gal. I am watching series one of Sex and the city (its the only thing on the television). I am bored, trying to create parallels between my friends and my life, and the sex and the city girls lifes. Bon Jovi just appeared on this episode, he's cute. He asked her out, they met in her shrinks waiting room. Funny, I've had a shrink for a decade and never met bon jovi or anything close to him in the waiting room. Infact, I don't have a waiting room in my shrinks office, its completely private and sealed so no guests see eachother. What's also kinda funny is that two of my good friends see the same shrink. What's even funnier is once I started dating a guy who was seeing the same shrink as me at the same time yet either of us knew about it to later, after the courting had failed. Mmmmm. Weird, funny, sickly typical.
And I will leave you with this - best song of '94 - ALWAYS by BON that's what its all about. -

Friday, January 9, 2009

yo sydney...

Monet is in town. I know that we are all pretty convict like and un-cultured...but this could be good.
MONET AND THE IMPRESSIONISTS - till Jan 26th .,,,,art gallery of nsw.
get eduMacated!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

back in sydney - new year

hi im back in sydney...have had some amazing times in the last couple of months. Merry X'mas and Happy new year! happy chunnukah? is that how you spell it?
Whatever, i've spoted a few good looking people pop up around sydney and it got me thinking of other people that are good looking, more than good looking, it got me thinking of what I find attractive in someone...
I still am not sure if I have a 'type' per say but here a few celebrity crushes. It's weird cause growing up I didnt have a 'celebrity crush,' no posters, nudda..except that I announced on live t.v. (Channel V) that I wanted to 'lose my virginity to craig david on t.v. if it could get me front row'....ewwwwwww haahahah, how awful, and that was my 15minutes of fame. anyway, ....welcome 2009, and welcome the floodgate of unattainable crushes. love love love it.!
oh yeh, some people say I have weird taste...but if you can spot a theme...please let me know...