Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show and Tell

This is perhaps the most memorable performance I have ever seen in a film:

This is cheesy and I used to drive around with my friend lara listening to it:

and a few amazing lines from the serenity prayer: Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference....

Friday, December 12, 2008

my throat hurts! - travel diary!


so im sitting up at nearly 2am on a firday night/sat morning in brighton england.
what a big day!
SO I woke up this morning in Dorset which is like country england, it was still dark outside and i felt really ill.
Xenia, my friend told me to roll into the car with my pyjamas on and that we'd drive back to her place in Brighton, England...go to the doctor and then i'd rest.
Well, then she decided London would be better as she had some errands to run..
so 4 hours later we finally arrive in London....at this stage I can see puss on my tonsils.
Next thing, we are driving out of london back on the road for ANOTHER 2 hours, when we decide I should go to the doctor in London instead. So, xenia is re-adjusting her car's computer map navigation thingy, when BAM! we crash...she drives a car which has a wheel on the wrong side, so I mean the crash was always going to happen at some stage but this was bad.
So the car is undrivable but everyone is safe but its 2degrees outside, and we have all this luggage to get back to brighton, and 3 giant hams (dont ask) and NOBODY will TOW us, as her insurance doesnt cover it...fuk insurance companies...and both our mobiles are dead and its dark...and raining...
SO...finally 2 hours later I tow comes...we shlep our shit to the train station, shelp our shit onto a train, sit o nthe train for an hour...shlep our shit off the train, shlep our shit down a hill to her house and shlep our shit up her stairs...
no car, soar bodies, and one very pussy grose tonsilitis throat.

Friday, December 5, 2008


So, yay, im in the continent of englishmen, baguettes, marmite, moulin rouge, haribo smurf lollies and my amazing friends Xenia, Jarrod, Jessie, Nadia, Jamie, etc etc...
So, with a days notice, I packed my bags, got my hair did and travelled, nay, schleped accross the world to suprise my favourite person Xenia for her birthday in London. I hadn't seen her in 2 years, so it was green and uncomfortable, but great and rad an loving. So, in the last week i've found myself sleeping on a plane, train, in london, in a hotel, in brighton, back in london and tomorrow paris! woo...i'll be gone for a month. Spontaneity is liberating and exhilerating and its cold in europe, but not as cold as expected.
Anyway, I have to go as I'm watching season 1 of gossip girl and don't have my camera here, hence can't upload photos, and can't think straight so i'm just useless.
xoxoxoxoxo Katrina...x'mas is very soon, 20 days!