Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Person of the Month: Nathan Sullivan

Nathan is the shit ya'll. No really. Nathan and I met on a door, literally. We used to work sunday nights together at a shiteous club in Sydneys Kings Cross. I would stamp people and make them pay as they walked in and he would regulate the crowd. Then we would share cigarettes, clipboards in hands..talking about life, love and mystery.
When Nathan and I met he was wearing a sequined vest, with tight jeans, long black perfectly coifed hair and custom made patent leather shoes.
nathan has always reminded me of a character in a movie. This person know how to turn his shit on and off, but always seems positive. which is rad. rad rad rad rad. nathan, launched a new company this year, but instead of his focus being on making money, and fuking people over...nathan just wants to make people get in tune with culture, with spirit, with passion, with hearts desire, and setting the soul on fire.

So what has he done? He has started 2 amazing markets in Sydney city for you amazing people to play with.
1. fringe-bar markets : every saturday 10am-4pm for emerging designers and vintage collectors. theres a dj, live music, theres pizza, theres a bar...know what im saying? its on @ fringe bar @ oxford st, paddington.

2. oxford arts factory markets: its called 'start your art collection now' its on the first saturday of everymonth, its about re-educating the youth about what art is? and art is for everyone, its for the people, by the people and if i sound like a wanker get fucked. but seriously...nathan is one of those rare yummy jelly bellies...who is in love with life. hes like the colourful paint on the bottom of a depressing emo painting, hes the high pitch yell on the backing of a mariah carey early 90's pop tune.
and hes my friend.
and so he is the PERSON of the MONTH.
stay tuned for music of the month, fashion of the month and all other facets of monthly sojourns.
p.s. i miss l.a. 
o also, im doing a serach for a think tank, creative team, im getting together for something exciting...so if you have ideas and want to get them off the ground please let me know...
find me on facebook and yell at me....

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Cara Stricker said...

too cute.. yummmm bum 2 kids having so much fuuunn