Thursday, November 13, 2008

my muse ist jarrod!

Right, so...Jarrod Grossberg dresses well. I thought i'd spend some time doing some online shopping, for those of you who are looking to channel a bit of Jarrod with your style. Heres what I found....The pants, also come in Navy and Black. I recommend all three, they have a great straight leg, they arent to passe, with tightness, yet there not baggy to make one feel like an american gangster. The perfect english rose man's pants...Balenciaga 250pounds. The white is kind of striking, but I feel it could be worn well a la Jarrod, in a sort of 'Blow-up' (the classic film) type way. kind of english dandy, yet sophistacted and crisp. not to 'fashion' just classic, the way my boy Jarrod likes it! - they are also pure cotton, so they wont get too hot in summer, and everyone knows legs look better covered!
A zippy yet clean and small car is a must for the Jarrod type male. If one cannot be obtained...then something of a directly contrasting nature will do, such as a range rover, or hummer, it's so oudacious that its funny!
this is a classic logo t-shirt. Look, i know what our all thinking...yuck, who brands themselves this way? but YSL is different, its not going anywhere, its black, its tucks itself into some high waisted grey chloe pants and a crocodile skin thick black hermes belt and it just works. It's a great basic that takes an outfit from A to B...without muss fuss. Something Jarrod relies on. other great t shirt brands for Jarrod include - Dior by Heidi Slimane as well as Raf Simmons.  -
always a fan of YSL, these bablyone mocassins, scream cheese, yet only a true consumer could see the delicate chic in these babies. Worn with some half-calf black socks and rolled up jeans, these babies are made for walking. rrp-$570US, through on a Jarodd siganture black chasmere jumper, and a long necklace and your good to go!

Alexander Wang - Leather blazer- a nice play on a classic, whilst remaining firmly against anything PETA stands for, this is a versatile piece, that jarrod would wear to class, club or cruising...key item suits all the important C words. - rrp - $1350u.s. note: its a females jacket, but a daring boy such as Jarrod could easily pull it off!A fred-perry shirt, just incase...for orange juice runs in the mini in the morning, also a great piece to wear incase homophobes are around - wip of the leather to reveal something a little more masculine.. hahah..from - around 40pounds
the lapin fur - by A.P.C. - as basic Jarrod staple - around 900u.s. @

IF ALL ELSE FAILS! - wear some ray ban spectacles, or tom ford...and lots of Hermes cuffs. 

happy Jarrod day!


CT said...

So first things first the ysl T I just don’t think I could wear it. I am on the fence with the rest of the people who hate to be pigeon holed.. I like the idea that there is a little mystery with the brandless T’s that we put on our backs. also who is to say next month ysl is out and now you are stuck with a lame out of fashion T that every one has...?

The ysl Loafers are the Bomb I would defiantly purchase them.

Ow and the car thing well you may just have to judge for yourself. Although the new Mini featured in your blog was voted the ugliest car 2008…..

katrina symonds said...

you cant wear it. its for jarrod, and last i judged - you seem like a straight wasp and he is a gay jew..u dig?
1. ysl is always in. its not oversaturated on the racks u see? its a staple hence the suggestion.
2. the loafers are good, but how would u wear them? i fear you would interpret them incorrectly to the way i envisage them. this once again brings me back to the gay male conversation.
3. yes i think the new longshlong mini is a corpse of a car. ugly. ...

Women Leather Shorts said...

idea that there is a little mystery with the brandless T’s that we put on our backs. also who is to say next month ysl is out and now you are stuck with a lame out of fashion