Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday, BLOW out those candles.

so, firstly its this blogs 1st birthday. I really can't go into a spiel about how its grown so fast, because really it still lacks direction, identity, buzz and consistency- much like the men I fall for. haha.
But anyway, happy birthday bagels, sundays, soda, love hip hip hooray.
So tonight I went to the opening of the new soda bar, which is part of double bay's sheaf. It was really nice, and there were lots of familiar faces around.
 ...also there were some new people I met tonight. 
So, anyway, as I blow out my birthday candles, i've decided to be a bit risque and talk about blowing in other directions. 
So, tonight I met this lovely guy, a divine chap...I have no idea how or why it happened but next thing I know we are talking about blow-jobs...and what constitutes giving a good one. he said to me 'the perfect blow job is kind of like a great relationship' ....I have no idea what he meant by this, but at the time it made perfect sense. 
One thing we discussed was whether the sensation of receiving a blow job would be different if given by a man or woman. For example. in most of the porn we (I) see it is a woman giving head, to a man...BUT....would a man be giving head to a man feel the same? This may sound completely stupid, but really it runs a lot deeper. See, the largest sexual organ for a female is her brain. Conversely, the largest sexual organ for a male is his prostate,...hence...what our females and males are 'generally' feeling/thinking when performing the 'oral pleasure' can be quantified in converse measures. Hence, would the head feel different?
Personally, I am both angered and comforted that my brain has really the strongest capacity to turn me on and off, I am just such a typical female....but it's kind of annoying too. See, I feel things would be a lot simpler if my strongest sexual organ was based on something a little less complex than my brain...for those who know me, my brain is just too complex at time. My mother loves to say when  a attempt to have a heart to heart with her 'Katrina, why are you so complicated?' 
So is good head like a good relationship? Perhaps it is after all, if one is relying on the brain to turn them on and off. The brain, is what makes me feel, happy , sad, giddy, distraught. The brain is also what sets the tone in the bedroom aka 'this is hot'...'this is not'. So, I guess if my brain is in the right frame of mind, all complex barriers broken down then I may infact have the solid ground of a good relationship, and everyone knows the basis of a good relationship is good head. Happy brain, happy head...mmmmm, maybe thats why the tip of the penis is called the head?  hah this is ridiculous.


Chelsea said...

hahaha id have to agree with your mother on this one ;) but i must say, i did read this and was thoroughly amused. I can't say whether i agree or not, but i do understand your analysis....quite impressive you managed to come up with this at an hour like now..impressive words Miss Katrina :) Keep it coming..loving this blog! LOVE the title!

mwakerman said...

non-linear, absurd yet strangely entertaining. This train of thought really has us questioning the meaning of life as a whole.

Thank you for setting us on the path to enlightenment.

Mr Kirky said...

absolutely ridiculous but i love it. x

benji said...

our largest organ is our skin and that conversation you had with that dude was gross.