Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday, BLOW out those candles.

so, firstly its this blogs 1st birthday. I really can't go into a spiel about how its grown so fast, because really it still lacks direction, identity, buzz and consistency- much like the men I fall for. haha.
But anyway, happy birthday bagels, sundays, soda, love hip hip hooray.
So tonight I went to the opening of the new soda bar, which is part of double bay's sheaf. It was really nice, and there were lots of familiar faces around.
 ...also there were some new people I met tonight. 
So, anyway, as I blow out my birthday candles, i've decided to be a bit risque and talk about blowing in other directions. 
So, tonight I met this lovely guy, a divine chap...I have no idea how or why it happened but next thing I know we are talking about blow-jobs...and what constitutes giving a good one. he said to me 'the perfect blow job is kind of like a great relationship' ....I have no idea what he meant by this, but at the time it made perfect sense. 
One thing we discussed was whether the sensation of receiving a blow job would be different if given by a man or woman. For example. in most of the porn we (I) see it is a woman giving head, to a man...BUT....would a man be giving head to a man feel the same? This may sound completely stupid, but really it runs a lot deeper. See, the largest sexual organ for a female is her brain. Conversely, the largest sexual organ for a male is his prostate,...hence...what our females and males are 'generally' feeling/thinking when performing the 'oral pleasure' can be quantified in converse measures. Hence, would the head feel different?
Personally, I am both angered and comforted that my brain has really the strongest capacity to turn me on and off, I am just such a typical female....but it's kind of annoying too. See, I feel things would be a lot simpler if my strongest sexual organ was based on something a little less complex than my brain...for those who know me, my brain is just too complex at time. My mother loves to say when  a attempt to have a heart to heart with her 'Katrina, why are you so complicated?' 
So is good head like a good relationship? Perhaps it is after all, if one is relying on the brain to turn them on and off. The brain, is what makes me feel, happy , sad, giddy, distraught. The brain is also what sets the tone in the bedroom aka 'this is hot'...'this is not'. So, I guess if my brain is in the right frame of mind, all complex barriers broken down then I may infact have the solid ground of a good relationship, and everyone knows the basis of a good relationship is good head. Happy brain, happy head...mmmmm, maybe thats why the tip of the penis is called the head?  hah this is ridiculous.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my muse ist jarrod!

Right, so...Jarrod Grossberg dresses well. I thought i'd spend some time doing some online shopping, for those of you who are looking to channel a bit of Jarrod with your style. Heres what I found....The pants, also come in Navy and Black. I recommend all three, they have a great straight leg, they arent to passe, with tightness, yet there not baggy to make one feel like an american gangster. The perfect english rose man's pants...Balenciaga 250pounds. The white is kind of striking, but I feel it could be worn well a la Jarrod, in a sort of 'Blow-up' (the classic film) type way. kind of english dandy, yet sophistacted and crisp. not to 'fashion' just classic, the way my boy Jarrod likes it! - they are also pure cotton, so they wont get too hot in summer, and everyone knows legs look better covered!
A zippy yet clean and small car is a must for the Jarrod type male. If one cannot be obtained...then something of a directly contrasting nature will do, such as a range rover, or hummer, it's so oudacious that its funny!
this is a classic logo t-shirt. Look, i know what our all thinking...yuck, who brands themselves this way? but YSL is different, its not going anywhere, its black, its tucks itself into some high waisted grey chloe pants and a crocodile skin thick black hermes belt and it just works. It's a great basic that takes an outfit from A to B...without muss fuss. Something Jarrod relies on. other great t shirt brands for Jarrod include - Dior by Heidi Slimane as well as Raf Simmons.  -
always a fan of YSL, these bablyone mocassins, scream cheese, yet only a true consumer could see the delicate chic in these babies. Worn with some half-calf black socks and rolled up jeans, these babies are made for walking. rrp-$570US, through on a Jarodd siganture black chasmere jumper, and a long necklace and your good to go!

Alexander Wang - Leather blazer- a nice play on a classic, whilst remaining firmly against anything PETA stands for, this is a versatile piece, that jarrod would wear to class, club or cruising...key item suits all the important C words. - rrp - $1350u.s. note: its a females jacket, but a daring boy such as Jarrod could easily pull it off!A fred-perry shirt, just incase...for orange juice runs in the mini in the morning, also a great piece to wear incase homophobes are around - wip of the leather to reveal something a little more masculine.. hahah..from - around 40pounds
the lapin fur - by A.P.C. - as basic Jarrod staple - around 900u.s. @

IF ALL ELSE FAILS! - wear some ray ban spectacles, or tom ford...and lots of Hermes cuffs. 

happy Jarrod day!


In your safe space I mattered
And it's where I want to stay.
Why get blisters in the wind?
If I can dance with you in the rain

In your arms I feel anchored
And I'm who I need to be.
Why get lost in translation?
If you can walk with me

With you body I found connection
And as if I were finally free
Why expose myself to others?
If it's you my heart sees.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Person of the Month: Nathan Sullivan

Nathan is the shit ya'll. No really. Nathan and I met on a door, literally. We used to work sunday nights together at a shiteous club in Sydneys Kings Cross. I would stamp people and make them pay as they walked in and he would regulate the crowd. Then we would share cigarettes, clipboards in hands..talking about life, love and mystery.
When Nathan and I met he was wearing a sequined vest, with tight jeans, long black perfectly coifed hair and custom made patent leather shoes.
nathan has always reminded me of a character in a movie. This person know how to turn his shit on and off, but always seems positive. which is rad. rad rad rad rad. nathan, launched a new company this year, but instead of his focus being on making money, and fuking people over...nathan just wants to make people get in tune with culture, with spirit, with passion, with hearts desire, and setting the soul on fire.

So what has he done? He has started 2 amazing markets in Sydney city for you amazing people to play with.
1. fringe-bar markets : every saturday 10am-4pm for emerging designers and vintage collectors. theres a dj, live music, theres pizza, theres a bar...know what im saying? its on @ fringe bar @ oxford st, paddington.

2. oxford arts factory markets: its called 'start your art collection now' its on the first saturday of everymonth, its about re-educating the youth about what art is? and art is for everyone, its for the people, by the people and if i sound like a wanker get fucked. but seriously...nathan is one of those rare yummy jelly bellies...who is in love with life. hes like the colourful paint on the bottom of a depressing emo painting, hes the high pitch yell on the backing of a mariah carey early 90's pop tune.
and hes my friend.
and so he is the PERSON of the MONTH.
stay tuned for music of the month, fashion of the month and all other facets of monthly sojourns.
p.s. i miss l.a. 
o also, im doing a serach for a think tank, creative team, im getting together for something if you have ideas and want to get them off the ground please let me know...
find me on facebook and yell at me....