Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's britney bitch and other nipple erecting things. for Spring 2009..

Yes, I know its been way too long, but i've been busy, I mean legit busy. Never been busier until TODAY, right this very second. So i'm going to post lots of photos of things that are turning me on right now. 
Music, Fashion, Uranus.
On the Music front I want to formally welcome britney back into my life. I have missed her. Seriously. When I was around 13 and britney released her standout track , 'Hit me baby one more time,' I lost it. Since then, Britney and I have had a turbulant relationship much like her relationship with men. women and her with her children. We've been on and off, but we've made it through the rain and this can be summed up by her standout song 'Womanizer' honestly i'm not sure if it's THAT great, but it's go to see her doing her thang and I support her, even if I have been a closet fan for years, this is my Britney coming out...and i want to celebrate it.
Meanwhile, Back home The Presets won artist of the year at the ARIAS, which is fan-fucking-tastic, as I actually like them, and they are better than anything Kasey Chambers or Missy Higgins has hurled out in years...can you beleive Tina Arena won like 6 arias only like 6 years ago or something??? maybe it was longer but plllleassssse Tina Arena? WTF...I remember it so clearly, I was in Blue Mountains with my family, for a family holiday, (the good ol days) and I watched Tina Arena blitzz the arias, with a lame satin baby-purple shirt. Thank G-d those days are over....because my sister tried her luck at singing back then and bought the Tine Arena song book, and you know what? It was not ok.
I'm loveloveloveing ladyhawke's new song 'My Delerium,' as well as some older Tracey Chapman right 'Talking about a revolution'..wawaweeewa.
What else am i loving? Well, I hate to admit it but Lil Wheezy 'Lollipop' is something that I just want to drive to.
I think this downunder summer anthem is going to be 'Walking on a dream' by Empire of the Sun. Also love some the new album by 'The Streets,'.....
So fashion: wooo...posting some photos of things I've seen from all the amazing northern hemmisphere fashion shows that have just goes...spring 2009: bits and pieces from Herver Leger, Christopher Kane, Preen, Prada, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Chanel, Josh Goot and ofcourse Henry Hollands jeans...
p.s. how cute is the little canvas Philip Lim bag? It comes free with any purchase at the stores in America throughout december...

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