Sunday, June 22, 2008


In the last week I:
1. graduated uni offered 2 full time jobs
3. barred one job to take up the other job. (how lucky am I !!!)
4. got my wisdom teeth x 4 pulled out
5. Decided to go to melbourne with Lara the Fomo.
6. Decided to go to LA and NYC..

So its been a fun week...except right now I feel like SHIT! crap puddle..of pain..wisdom teeth fucking hurt...and I can't beleive nobody told me about this beforehand...check out this photo...look at the left cheek..thats a real bruise- fresh from operation! ewwwww sore.
happy winter 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MIGRATION SEASON - but im a convict.

Hi, my names Katrina and I live in Australia. Australia is a beautiful country, and is the only continent which is also an island. WOW. 
we have kangaroos, beaches, koalas, and gum trees. 
We gave birth to INXS, Men at Work, Silverchair, Savage Garden, and many others such as Elle McPherson, Natalie Imbrugulia, Kylie Minogue....all of who probablly spend more time in London or New York than down under...
why is this you ask?
Well, its all very historical but Australia is infact a giant jail. Nay, the illusion is that its the land of the free, a wannabee america...but this is a lie...because if you would like to leave Australia and head to the northern hemmisphere (to join our civilised friends)- it costs atleast $2000, and thats just for coach/cattle/back pains...pain in the ass...
now, winter is approaching and this means...the annual migration to european summer for my friends....partying in mykonos, day trips to spain, shopping in london...I know this sounds spoilt and mighty aphrodite jappy but its a holiday and escape my aussie friends look forward too. friend lara and I went on a walk this afternoon and looked out onto the ocean...we realised we were convicts and that we are trapped on the island of Australia for atleast another 4 months due to work commitments...we are upset about this. very upset. The thing about living in Sydney Austrlaia is that we are in the best city of Australia so theres really no where else to, going to melborune would be ok...but its just a city...where are the beaches to fly to....the different cultures to explore? In europe one can venture on a train journey to another country, in America one can go to miami, san fran, l.a. , vegas, aspen...but in cannot...theres no carribean and there aint no silver lining.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Winter Routine. easy as ABC. 123.

Welcome Winter. Hi! How are you? You looking kinda chilly to me over here, wanna blanker, cup 'o'cocoa? Aight.....
So, im looking to start some routine in my life...shake things up, stir it up a sitting with miss Gina...she painfully hot, I may just shag her to keep cosy tonight.
Anyway, my to do list for winter:
1. I shall start to meditate - get outta my head, get into my body....
2. I shall Yoga it up @ the dharma shala 3x weekly
3. I shall start this new exciting job I got in 2 weeks
4. I shall go under the knife and get my wisdom teeth plucked from my skull
5. I shall save some money and travel Overseas, once completing my Job.
6. I shall receive my graduation notice.
7. I shall say a little prayer for you
8. I shall garden
9. I shall take up a cooking class
10. I shall learn some hectic jazz chords on the piano
11. I shall make some legit shit on my synth and post the songs up here eventually
12. I shall work on my insides.
13. I shall allow Gina to mentor me, over shabbus dinners and grapefruit with sugar.
14. I shall wakeup in the morning, and shower daily....bathe nightly...mouisturise, exfloiate, wax....
15. I shall relax a lot more and read
16. I shall make a concerted effort to be more productive....
I shall watch movies, listen to music, brush my teeth, be more patient with my family- and learn to accept the things which i cannot change.
and lastly, I will stop trying to control everything by subsquenetly abondoning this list and laughing a shit load more...

p.s. N.Y. for N.Y.
whose in?