Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am CORNY mc CORNSTER but,,,,

I'm not sure why I stopped writing poems that are corny for a little while, maybe i've been uninspired, my muse has been dormant, I had writer's block...
But something I realized tonight,
As the road became woundy, sky faded dark, the sunset so cool
As the traffic-lights melted hazy, my body shivered too, my lips felt dry and 
I daydreamed of you.
And it wasn't a long one, just a comforting thought,
Of how lucky I am, and sometimes hard work
How I still get nervous, afraid to speak out loud, except my thoughts are endless and i'm merry, i'm corny and kinda like a hound.
And I'm lucky cause your patient, and ever so kind,
What I realized tonight, is that way it blows my mind.
How something so distant, can put a constant smile on this dial
How something so slow-moving,still makes my heart go at miles for miles
So thankyou I mean it, this is how my words come out,
I appreciate your being around, leaving a footprint somewhere that matters, and mostly mostly for being the dude I still can daydream about.

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