Sunday, April 13, 2008

internet sites..blogs...state of the world. ya'll!

ummmm, found this webpage today, its kinda dim, sad, dark..but i understand it. It's an open site, where people can write in with prayers, secrets, 'dear G-D'...'amen.'
Anyway, thought i'd pass its url on. Though I don't necessarily beleive religion is a good thing, I do think it DOES have a role in society. When certain people have nothing else, no reason, religion is very important. I think the word religion isn't as relevent as the word faith. I beleive everyone has to have faith in something. This webpage is kinda good in the way that it's a forum for people to 'share' faith and speak out. Unfortunately, when I look at a page like this I doubt whether the website's founders are merely just posting there own prayers, posing as the general public. Anyway.... let me know what you think. As i said, the photos on it are pretty powerful.
I do think it's pretty shitty that people feel the only way to express there prayers, secrets etc, is through the internet. I think having an internet site to post prayers is a metaphor for how fucked up peoples communication to one-another is getting. Shit, im getting a little bitchy.
(going to go watch some movies and sleeeeeep).

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