Monday, April 21, 2008


OK in the wise words of Christina Aguilera 'What a Girl wants'. - what a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes me happy and sets me free.' (slight variation of the words.) Anyway, I want a few things right now, cause i'm a girl...heheh...and I want are a few of my favourite things...
From Top:
Lanvin dress
Swarovski Headphones
Giuseppe Zanotta Gladiator sandals
Luella T-shirt
Miu-Miu dress
Alexander McQueen Bag
Phillip Lim Cashmere cardigan.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

internet sites..blogs...state of the world. ya'll!

ummmm, found this webpage today, its kinda dim, sad, dark..but i understand it. It's an open site, where people can write in with prayers, secrets, 'dear G-D'...'amen.'
Anyway, thought i'd pass its url on. Though I don't necessarily beleive religion is a good thing, I do think it DOES have a role in society. When certain people have nothing else, no reason, religion is very important. I think the word religion isn't as relevent as the word faith. I beleive everyone has to have faith in something. This webpage is kinda good in the way that it's a forum for people to 'share' faith and speak out. Unfortunately, when I look at a page like this I doubt whether the website's founders are merely just posting there own prayers, posing as the general public. Anyway.... let me know what you think. As i said, the photos on it are pretty powerful.
I do think it's pretty shitty that people feel the only way to express there prayers, secrets etc, is through the internet. I think having an internet site to post prayers is a metaphor for how fucked up peoples communication to one-another is getting. Shit, im getting a little bitchy.
(going to go watch some movies and sleeeeeep).

Sunday, April 6, 2008

things that make me go boom!

I'm finding great pleasure in a few things right now:
Namely, i just bought some amazing musical equipment, to write some music on. It is currently taking up over half my bedroom space, which I dont have much of anyway, but i'm thourougly enjoying sharing my space with said gear.
Also, im enjoying the mundane N.L. things (normal life). Today, I wrote an essay, washed the dog, fed the dog, walked the dog, cleaned the house, recycled and called members of my family that I haven't spoken to in a while. For such a 'n.l.' day, Ive a good one!
ummmmmmmmmmm, also, been thinking I wanna spend some time in London soon. NOt sure but, some of my favourite people on earth live there. .... so maybe in try get over there in june...we'll see what I can work out.

Nadia Phillips. My lovely friend Nadia moved to London last week with her boyfriend Ryan (whom we loveeeee, cause hes an ace guy and the best boyfriend ever to Nads), and I miss my nadia and just wanted to say. nads i miss you. i love you soososososo much and I cant wait to seee you soooon! look after yourself, you brothel mess!Also, :( my bestfriend Jarrod is going back to London this week to continue his amazing fashion journey, I love him sosososo much and can't wait to hang with him on the london town side of things. also maybe in Paris. Jarrod, I know youve been wanting for me to write a blog about you, and so....I found an amazing photo of you and dedicated a whole paragraph to you. I love you. I would marry you. I would carry our IVF baby anyday. xoxoxoxoxo to the moon.
and XENIA favourite girl in the whole wide world...well youve been in london for two years now, and away from Sydney for longer than that, but I still love you and all that more than anything and MUST SPEND SOME QUALITY time with you asap.