Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I don't want to be too serious on this blog, I just wanna write about whatever is going on in my head, be it sad, glad, shimmy shimmy!
Last night I was at one of my beloved friends house, for a mini dinner-party, and chit-chat, and I found myself being really quite alarmed at what some of them were saying. By no means, would I consider myself an activist, nor a social-worker (as much as I'd love to pretend I'm a do-gooder, i don't not do near enough). Sure, I think being a politically aware person, is kinda important in this day and age, and I'm the first to admit I don't know nearly enough. Last night however, the way some of my friends were talking, left me completely shocked.
The sheer naive banter I lay witness to has somehow stayed with me throughout today and inspired me to write this right here, right now. p.s. 'right here, right now' is also the title of a great fatboy slim track.
Anyway, back to the point. Some of my friends were talking about diamonds, conflict diamonds, and whether if they were given diamond (conflict ones) as an inheritance it would be OK to keep them and wear them. The basic attitude was 'it was before my time that the diamonds were bought, hence not my problem, I'll obviously wear them, once passed down to me.' Quite frankly this attitude upset me, and made me think 'fuck.' 
This conversation then went on to be about Africa, and the AIDS crisis, something that I really don't know enough about, do anything about but am still incredibly interested and saddened by.....and should actively try help in some way. One particular person on the dinner-table was dumb enough to tell me of his personal theory on getting rid of the AIDS crisis...I won't write his theory, because it's too disgusting but let me just say that I will from hereon  now call the person 'Hitlers second-coming.' 
Basically, don't be so bloody naive, AIDS is something that isn't merely limited to one country, one race, one anything...'aids does not discriminate.' 
For me perhaps the saddest part, is the basic theory of 'institutionalised inequality.' Basically this relates to the Circle of inequality, the way one is born into a life that is far from 'equal.'
Inequality is something that exists within every society, and most definitely in Australia, in Sydney. It is perpetuated within the education system, the health care system, etc...whereby the social institutions that exist simply don't offer equality to everyone. Money and capitalism has the biggest role in this, and though I think it's fine to get the best education possible, get the best doctor possible (granted you have the access to them) I think its morally repugnant to remain naive and dumb about the world and our place in it. 
So, this blog isn't me saying 'lets save the world, we can do it,' it's just about me saying to those people, nay, my friends 'wake the hell up and realise how lucky you are.' I do believe every dollar DOES and CAN make a difference, and i also believe evil will only prevail when 'good' people sit back and let it.
I don't know much about conflict-diamonds, but something tells me, if they come from something that has caused many deaths and national conflicts, in countries whereby inequality is the norm.  Perhaps the 'gifted diamonds' should go back to where they came from. Perhaps, in that position, if i was given a conflict diamond, i would sell it and give the money to a charity that works with stopping the illegal trading of conflict diamonds. Obviously, this is just one idea.
So, I'm going to start educating myself about some of the shit going on in the world, cause I realise I really don't know much. Maybe, in doing that I'll be able to educated some of my friends, I think everything can lead to change, tiny steps....



Tara said...
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Tara said...

This is awesome, both what you say but also that you want to learn more, and I really hope lots of people read it. Most people know very little about the important issues and maybe if we did, there would be more empathy and a greater comprehension of the suffering that occurs...
Ok, essay over :p
Incredible photo in the blog above by the way, very sad.