Wednesday, March 19, 2008

revisiting the 90's.

Album of the Day/Eve.
'Bittersweet Symphony' is obviously a classic. . . . . but the song 'Drugs Don't Work,' call it what you will but I think it's such a beautiful song. It's poignant, its honest, its painful, its romantic....
its hopeful! ...except the line 'if you leave my life, I am better off dead...' is he talking about a person, or is he talking about drugs....?? someone let me know...or tell me your interpretation...always interesting.


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eliebelie said...

Ok.. this song like any other I think should be interpreted by the listener in which ever way they want, regardless of what the artist intended their work to be about... But in saying that, I have done a bit of research and surprisingly enough the song is about the lead singers father who went in to a ruteen/routine operation which had a very high chance of survival, but was given an anesthetic that killed him, hence the line 'the drugs don't work, they just make you worse'....
There is a beautiful beautiful line katrina, "if u wana show, then show, and ill sing in your ear, again" or something like that... I get goosebumps everytime.. Isn't it sweet?? Oh.... god bless