Wednesday, January 16, 2008

tick tock tick tock


Ummmmmmmmm, yeah so sorry about being slack about the whole blog thing-

1. happy new year - this is a photo of my friends on my friend Stephanie's (whose just moved to new york ;( ) boat on new-years. I wasnt there, but this is such a nice photo of them all.

2. merry xmas

3. max gammell/....when will we meet up next?

4.been a crazy year, way too intense so far....fingers crossed though!


i wrote this tonight cause i was upset and wanted to. sorry if it offends anyone, scares anyone or what not. i'm just being me right now. can't please everyone. and quite frankly i don't give a fuck right now. i am all i can be, and i need to start loving/ok liking/ myself for it!

this is a photo of me at daft punk - best day ever.
And i read a book with questions and answers and rhymes
And i practiced the alphabet and my times tables with a smile
And i never got the memo on what to do about life,
So i sit here and i struggle and i mix - match my thoughts and cry
And i try and make it ok, and breathe another night
And i try to let myself feel again, and believe in life and time
And an old man once said ‘time heals all wounds’ guess what? he lied
And my mother keeps on saying ‘things will get better,youll be fine’
And my sister threatens to walk out and i say ‘that just fine.’...goodbye
But nothing seems to change, and my heart keeps on hurting still the same
And i lost my breath today, and my head turned a purple tinge , and i threwup on myself
And today i realised how much i like you, and its gonna hurt me more than crime
And your eyes are so inquisitive, your lips open and intricate, and your nose a squishy delicate
And i said to those around i don’t care, hes not mine,
But my heart doesn’t believe my mind, why else would i be writing these lines its 1am, bed time
But i miss you right next to me, and the way u feel so close to me, and the time that youve given me
And so i remind myself ‘hes not mine.’ So why?
But why have i hurt myself again this time, u were meant to be a bit a fun,
And they said you were a rebound, a laugh, killing time,
But i know thats not true, why else would i be writing this rhyme?
And they said theres to much difference, perspective, different lives?
But I know thats not true, why else would i be writing this rhyme?
And u said u were gonna come over tonight,
And u said u were gonna be round tonight,
But you weren’t there, and i cried, cause time has given me you, and i want u in my life.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honesty. I don't know you but I feel your ache.