Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show and Tell

This is perhaps the most memorable performance I have ever seen in a film:

This is cheesy and I used to drive around with my friend lara listening to it:

and a few amazing lines from the serenity prayer: Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference....

Friday, December 12, 2008

my throat hurts! - travel diary!


so im sitting up at nearly 2am on a firday night/sat morning in brighton england.
what a big day!
SO I woke up this morning in Dorset which is like country england, it was still dark outside and i felt really ill.
Xenia, my friend told me to roll into the car with my pyjamas on and that we'd drive back to her place in Brighton, England...go to the doctor and then i'd rest.
Well, then she decided London would be better as she had some errands to run..
so 4 hours later we finally arrive in London....at this stage I can see puss on my tonsils.
Next thing, we are driving out of london back on the road for ANOTHER 2 hours, when we decide I should go to the doctor in London instead. So, xenia is re-adjusting her car's computer map navigation thingy, when BAM! we crash...she drives a car which has a wheel on the wrong side, so I mean the crash was always going to happen at some stage but this was bad.
So the car is undrivable but everyone is safe but its 2degrees outside, and we have all this luggage to get back to brighton, and 3 giant hams (dont ask) and NOBODY will TOW us, as her insurance doesnt cover it...fuk insurance companies...and both our mobiles are dead and its dark...and raining...
SO...finally 2 hours later I tow comes...we shlep our shit to the train station, shelp our shit onto a train, sit o nthe train for an hour...shlep our shit off the train, shlep our shit down a hill to her house and shlep our shit up her stairs...
no car, soar bodies, and one very pussy grose tonsilitis throat.

Friday, December 5, 2008


So, yay, im in the continent of englishmen, baguettes, marmite, moulin rouge, haribo smurf lollies and my amazing friends Xenia, Jarrod, Jessie, Nadia, Jamie, etc etc...
So, with a days notice, I packed my bags, got my hair did and travelled, nay, schleped accross the world to suprise my favourite person Xenia for her birthday in London. I hadn't seen her in 2 years, so it was green and uncomfortable, but great and rad an loving. So, in the last week i've found myself sleeping on a plane, train, in london, in a hotel, in brighton, back in london and tomorrow paris! woo...i'll be gone for a month. Spontaneity is liberating and exhilerating and its cold in europe, but not as cold as expected.
Anyway, I have to go as I'm watching season 1 of gossip girl and don't have my camera here, hence can't upload photos, and can't think straight so i'm just useless.
xoxoxoxoxo Katrina...x'mas is very soon, 20 days!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday, BLOW out those candles.

so, firstly its this blogs 1st birthday. I really can't go into a spiel about how its grown so fast, because really it still lacks direction, identity, buzz and consistency- much like the men I fall for. haha.
But anyway, happy birthday bagels, sundays, soda, love hip hip hooray.
So tonight I went to the opening of the new soda bar, which is part of double bay's sheaf. It was really nice, and there were lots of familiar faces around. http://www.goldensheaf.com.au
 ...also there were some new people I met tonight. 
So, anyway, as I blow out my birthday candles, i've decided to be a bit risque and talk about blowing in other directions. 
So, tonight I met this lovely guy, a divine chap...I have no idea how or why it happened but next thing I know we are talking about blow-jobs...and what constitutes giving a good one. he said to me 'the perfect blow job is kind of like a great relationship' ....I have no idea what he meant by this, but at the time it made perfect sense. 
One thing we discussed was whether the sensation of receiving a blow job would be different if given by a man or woman. For example. in most of the porn we (I) see it is a woman giving head, to a man...BUT....would a man be giving head to a man feel the same? This may sound completely stupid, but really it runs a lot deeper. See, the largest sexual organ for a female is her brain. Conversely, the largest sexual organ for a male is his prostate,...hence...what our females and males are 'generally' feeling/thinking when performing the 'oral pleasure' can be quantified in converse measures. Hence, would the head feel different?
Personally, I am both angered and comforted that my brain has really the strongest capacity to turn me on and off, I am just such a typical female....but it's kind of annoying too. See, I feel things would be a lot simpler if my strongest sexual organ was based on something a little less complex than my brain...for those who know me, my brain is just too complex at time. My mother loves to say when  a attempt to have a heart to heart with her 'Katrina, why are you so complicated?' 
So is good head like a good relationship? Perhaps it is after all, if one is relying on the brain to turn them on and off. The brain, is what makes me feel, happy , sad, giddy, distraught. The brain is also what sets the tone in the bedroom aka 'this is hot'...'this is not'. So, I guess if my brain is in the right frame of mind, all complex barriers broken down then I may infact have the solid ground of a good relationship, and everyone knows the basis of a good relationship is good head. Happy brain, happy head...mmmmm, maybe thats why the tip of the penis is called the head?  hah this is ridiculous.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my muse ist jarrod!

Right, so...Jarrod Grossberg dresses well. I thought i'd spend some time doing some online shopping, for those of you who are looking to channel a bit of Jarrod with your style. Heres what I found....The pants, also come in Navy and Black. I recommend all three, they have a great straight leg, they arent to passe, with tightness, yet there not baggy to make one feel like an american gangster. The perfect english rose man's pants...Balenciaga 250pounds. The white is kind of striking, but I feel it could be worn well a la Jarrod, in a sort of 'Blow-up' (the classic film) type way. kind of english dandy, yet sophistacted and crisp. not to 'fashion' just classic, the way my boy Jarrod likes it! brownsfashion.com - they are also pure cotton, so they wont get too hot in summer, and everyone knows legs look better covered!
A zippy yet clean and small car is a must for the Jarrod type male. If one cannot be obtained...then something of a directly contrasting nature will do, such as a range rover, or hummer, it's so oudacious that its funny!
this is a classic logo t-shirt. Look, i know what our all thinking...yuck, who brands themselves this way? but YSL is different, its not going anywhere, its black, its white...it tucks itself into some high waisted grey chloe pants and a crocodile skin thick black hermes belt and it just works. It's a great basic that takes an outfit from A to B...without muss fuss. Something Jarrod relies on. other great t shirt brands for Jarrod include - Dior by Heidi Slimane as well as Raf Simmons.  - ysl.com
always a fan of YSL, these bablyone mocassins, scream cheese, yet only a true consumer could see the delicate chic in these babies. Worn with some half-calf black socks and rolled up jeans, these babies are made for walking. rrp-$570US ysl.com, through on a Jarodd siganture black chasmere jumper, and a long necklace and your good to go!

Alexander Wang - Leather blazer- a nice play on a classic, whilst remaining firmly against anything PETA stands for, this is a versatile piece, that jarrod would wear to class, club or cruising...key item suits all the important C words. - rrp - $1350u.s. shopbop.com note: its a females jacket, but a daring boy such as Jarrod could easily pull it off!A fred-perry shirt, just incase...for orange juice runs in the mini in the morning, also a great piece to wear incase homophobes are around - wip of the leather to reveal something a little more masculine.. hahah..from fredperry.com - around 40pounds
the lapin fur - by A.P.C. - as basic Jarrod staple - around 900u.s. @ net-a-porter.com

IF ALL ELSE FAILS! - wear some ray ban spectacles, or tom ford...and lots of Hermes cuffs. 

happy Jarrod day!


In your safe space I mattered
And it's where I want to stay.
Why get blisters in the wind?
If I can dance with you in the rain

In your arms I feel anchored
And I'm who I need to be.
Why get lost in translation?
If you can walk with me

With you body I found connection
And as if I were finally free
Why expose myself to others?
If it's you my heart sees.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Person of the Month: Nathan Sullivan

Nathan is the shit ya'll. No really. Nathan and I met on a door, literally. We used to work sunday nights together at a shiteous club in Sydneys Kings Cross. I would stamp people and make them pay as they walked in and he would regulate the crowd. Then we would share cigarettes, clipboards in hands..talking about life, love and mystery.
When Nathan and I met he was wearing a sequined vest, with tight jeans, long black perfectly coifed hair and custom made patent leather shoes.
nathan has always reminded me of a character in a movie. This person know how to turn his shit on and off, but always seems positive. which is rad. rad rad rad rad. nathan, launched a new company this year, but instead of his focus being on making money, and fuking people over...nathan just wants to make people get in tune with culture, with spirit, with passion, with hearts desire, and setting the soul on fire.

So what has he done? He has started 2 amazing markets in Sydney city for you amazing people to play with.
1. fringe-bar markets : every saturday 10am-4pm for emerging designers and vintage collectors. theres a dj, live music, theres pizza, theres a bar...know what im saying? its on @ fringe bar @ oxford st, paddington.

2. oxford arts factory markets: its called 'start your art collection now' its on the first saturday of everymonth, its about re-educating the youth about what art is? and art is for everyone, its for the people, by the people and if i sound like a wanker get fucked. but seriously...nathan is one of those rare yummy jelly bellies...who is in love with life. hes like the colourful paint on the bottom of a depressing emo painting, hes the high pitch yell on the backing of a mariah carey early 90's pop tune.
and hes my friend.
and so he is the PERSON of the MONTH.
stay tuned for music of the month, fashion of the month and all other facets of monthly sojourns.
p.s. i miss l.a. 
o also, im doing a serach for a think tank, creative team, im getting together for something exciting...so if you have ideas and want to get them off the ground please let me know...
find me on facebook and yell at me....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's britney bitch and other nipple erecting things. for Spring 2009..

Yes, I know its been way too long, but i've been busy, I mean legit busy. Never been busier until TODAY, right this very second. So i'm going to post lots of photos of things that are turning me on right now. 
Music, Fashion, Uranus.
On the Music front I want to formally welcome britney back into my life. I have missed her. Seriously. When I was around 13 and britney released her standout track , 'Hit me baby one more time,' I lost it. Since then, Britney and I have had a turbulant relationship much like her relationship with men. women and her with her children. We've been on and off, but we've made it through the rain and this can be summed up by her standout song 'Womanizer'...like honestly i'm not sure if it's THAT great, but it's go to see her doing her thang and I support her, even if I have been a closet fan for years, this is my Britney coming out...and i want to celebrate it.
Meanwhile, Back home The Presets won artist of the year at the ARIAS, which is fan-fucking-tastic, as I actually like them, and they are better than anything Kasey Chambers or Missy Higgins has hurled out in years...can you beleive Tina Arena won like 6 arias only like 6 years ago or something??? maybe it was longer but plllleassssse Tina Arena? WTF...I remember it so clearly, I was in Blue Mountains with my family, for a family holiday, (the good ol days) and I watched Tina Arena blitzz the arias, with a lame satin baby-purple shirt. Thank G-d those days are over....because my sister tried her luck at singing back then and bought the Tine Arena song book, and you know what? It was not ok.
I'm loveloveloveing ladyhawke's new song 'My Delerium,' as well as some older Tracey Chapman right now.....like 'Talking about a revolution'..wawaweeewa.
What else am i loving? Well, I hate to admit it but Lil Wheezy 'Lollipop' is something that I just want to drive to.
I think this downunder summer anthem is going to be 'Walking on a dream' by Empire of the Sun. Also love some the new album by 'The Streets,'.....
So fashion: wooo...posting some photos of things I've seen from all the amazing northern hemmisphere fashion shows that have just been...here goes...spring 2009: bits and pieces from Herver Leger, Christopher Kane, Preen, Prada, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Chanel, Josh Goot and ofcourse Henry Hollands jeans...
p.s. how cute is the little canvas Philip Lim bag? It comes free with any purchase at the stores in America throughout december...

Friday, August 29, 2008

How do i love thee? Let me count the ways....

Hello everyone!
It's been such a long long time and I cant get you off a my mind!!!.....so, shit loads has happened since I last typed. Infact I bought and returned a pair of YSL shoes...like the ones I thought I wanted in the below post. Look, they were nice but I just couldnt be bothered to part with a grand. A grand dont come for free.
Meanwhile, in the last 2 months I finished UNI , went to NY and LA, fell in and out of LOVE (kinda still healing), and got a full time job thats pretty kickassss.
mmmmmmmmmm, so im drinkin a lil kahlua, and then going out..BUT...will write a big post soon with props and love and stuff like that.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You Make My Heart Sing...

wild thing, you make me heart sing.
you make everything...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


In the last week I:
1. graduated uni
2.got offered 2 full time jobs
3. barred one job to take up the other job. (how lucky am I !!!)
4. got my wisdom teeth x 4 pulled out
5. Decided to go to melbourne with Lara the Fomo.
6. Decided to go to LA and NYC..

So its been a fun week...except right now I feel like SHIT! literally...im crap puddle..of pain..wisdom teeth fucking hurt...and I can't beleive nobody told me about this beforehand...check out this photo...look at the left cheek..thats a real bruise- fresh from operation! ewwwww ..so sore.
happy winter 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MIGRATION SEASON - but im a convict.

Hi, my names Katrina and I live in Australia. Australia is a beautiful country, and is the only continent which is also an island. WOW. 
we have kangaroos, beaches, koalas, and gum trees. 
We gave birth to INXS, Men at Work, Silverchair, Savage Garden, and many others such as Elle McPherson, Natalie Imbrugulia, Kylie Minogue....all of who probablly spend more time in London or New York than down under...
why is this you ask?
Well, its all very historical but Australia is infact a giant jail. Nay, the illusion is that its the land of the free, a wannabee america...but this is a lie...because if you would like to leave Australia and head to the northern hemmisphere (to join our civilised friends)- it costs atleast $2000, and thats just for coach/cattle/back pains...pain in the ass...
now, winter is approaching and this means...the annual migration to european summer for my friends....partying in mykonos, day trips to spain, shopping in london...I know this sounds spoilt and mighty aphrodite jappy but its a holiday and escape my aussie friends look forward too. well...my friend lara and I went on a walk this afternoon and looked out onto the ocean...we realised we were convicts and that we are trapped on the island of Australia for atleast another 4 months due to work commitments...we are upset about this. very upset. The thing about living in Sydney Austrlaia is that we are in the best city of Australia so theres really no where else to go...like, going to melborune would be ok...but its just a city...where are the beaches to fly to....the different cultures to explore? In europe one can venture on a train journey to another country, in America one can go to miami, san fran, l.a. , vegas, aspen...but in AUstralia...one cannot...theres no carribean and there aint no silver lining.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Winter Routine. easy as ABC. 123.

Welcome Winter. Hi! How are you? You looking kinda chilly to me over here, wanna blanker, cup 'o'cocoa? Aight.....
So, im looking to start some routine in my life...shake things up, stir it up a bit....im sitting with miss Gina...she painfully hot, I may just shag her to keep cosy tonight.
Anyway, my to do list for winter:
1. I shall start to meditate - get outta my head, get into my body....
2. I shall Yoga it up @ the dharma shala 3x weekly
3. I shall start this new exciting job I got in 2 weeks
4. I shall go under the knife and get my wisdom teeth plucked from my skull
5. I shall save some money and travel Overseas, once completing my Job.
6. I shall receive my graduation notice.
7. I shall say a little prayer for you
8. I shall garden
9. I shall take up a cooking class
10. I shall learn some hectic jazz chords on the piano
11. I shall make some legit shit on my synth and post the songs up here eventually
12. I shall work on my insides.
13. I shall allow Gina to mentor me, over shabbus dinners and grapefruit with sugar.
14. I shall wakeup in the morning, and shower daily....bathe nightly...mouisturise, exfloiate, wax....
15. I shall relax a lot more and read
16. I shall make a concerted effort to be more productive....
I shall watch movies, listen to music, brush my teeth, be more patient with my family- and learn to accept the things which i cannot change.
and lastly, I will stop trying to control everything by subsquenetly abondoning this list and laughing a shit load more...

p.s. N.Y. for N.Y.
whose in?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am CORNY mc CORNSTER but,,,,

I'm not sure why I stopped writing poems that are corny for a little while, maybe i've been uninspired, my muse has been dormant, I had writer's block...
But something I realized tonight,
As the road became woundy, sky faded dark, the sunset so cool
As the traffic-lights melted hazy, my body shivered too, my lips felt dry and 
I daydreamed of you.
And it wasn't a long one, just a comforting thought,
Of how lucky I am, and sometimes hard work
How I still get nervous, afraid to speak out loud, except my thoughts are endless and i'm merry, i'm corny and kinda like a hound.
And I'm lucky cause your patient, and ever so kind,
What I realized tonight, is that way it blows my mind.
How something so distant, can put a constant smile on this dial
How something so slow-moving,still makes my heart go at miles for miles
So thankyou I mean it, this is how my words come out,
I appreciate your being around, leaving a footprint somewhere that matters, and mostly mostly for being the dude I still can daydream about.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the JAP CULT language.


So...I'm not sure if i've ever told anyone this before but im a JAP. gasp. shit...for all those who don't know what this means...(cute i said to all those, like i beleive people who don't know me are reading this hahah) JAP stands for
it really depends which part of the hemmisphere one dwells in. I'm a true blue Australian who moonlights with a residency in America so im like the AA - JAAP. anyway. 
in my Jap cult, there are TWO phrases we use. If I start talking to you socially, whether in a bar, park, lounge, loft, crib, underground and I use these words and you look at me like you don't know what the fuck im talking about, I know your not part of the extensive jap bondibeach esque cult I belong to. I know I sound like a douchebag, claiming that I am part of the jap bondibeach esque cult, but fuckit...commnity is really imprtant to me, I love knowing the grocer, the cigarette seller, the baristar, ...
so my two terms of the day that are part of JAP langauage.
1. GREEN - the word Green can be used in a few ways...and it is used more than not used by my JAP community. Orginating from the days of being a young teen when we all used to get stoned in a random park waiting for somone to green it. Back then. greening it was when we would screw with one of our friends livelehoods and wait for them to get really stoned and then tell them shit like 'omg your face looks green'...they would either get paranoid, which would lead to greening it OR alternatively someone would of spewed, which also meant they had 'greened it.' The main rule back then was 'weed then beer your in the clear, beer then weed your in the green.' So, if any of my friends were stupid enough to binge drink before sucking up that gange, then green they would turn. These days, I dont smoke weed, but nevertheless the term 'green' still takes centre-stage in my life. Green is a versatile colour, it comes in a variant of shades, nay tinges.  For example, someone could be a khaki green, a deep emerald green, or at the worst there green could turn neon. My friend Michelle is a huge greener. Michelle is the cutest, loveliest oldest friend I have. She is fucking amazing, but michelle has a penchant of turning green. Michelle is a huge greener when it comes to men. ..and this is when 'greening it' comes interesting. Like, say a guy doesnt know you that well, and they ask you on a date, and then at the date there really uncomfortable, which makes you really uncomfortable...then next thing you know your whole date has turned dark green. Personally, im not a greener by nature but I have had my fair encounters of being green. I can think of two examples. The first example was when I went on a date with this guy from out of town, Melbourne. He was incredibly good-looking, and putting on my date-face I was ready to have some fun. Well, next thing you know, the guy decides to take me to my ex-boyfriends resturaunt (he didn't know this at the time) and attempt to order a cheese platter for us to share. WELL, the resturaunt is a seafood one, and they dont do cheeseplatters. Next thing I know, date-man has ordered me fucking scallops, and hot chocolate. WHAT THE FUCK! who orders a milk-orientated drink at the same time as attempting to share a plate of scallops. it was cute, it was sweet. It was very GREEN. ...needless to say I GREENED IT. because people, greening it means 'i feel uncomfortable, i feel embarassed for you, i feel like this is pretty hysterical.' ...seeing as im amazing on dates, I jazzed things up a bit and decided (as the guy on the date with me was a photographer) to buy him a disposable camera, and run around with him taking crazy photos...which later got developed and turned into a giant scrapbook. .. (G-d im amazing with presents) . So the Green turned rosy, and it all turned out alright.
The other Green moment I had was when I was living in NYC. A friend of mine invited me to watch them DJ. Well, I was a foreigner, a fish out of water, I was a fucking Green machine. Next thing I know, im sitting in this ferocious, loud, pit of a club watching my DJ friend play, and while everyone is dancing im just thinking 'what the hell am i doing here, shit I can't breathe.' It was pretty funny, but there was nobody for me to laugh about it with. I was this almighty luminous green. So, what did I do? I turned to my friend the xanax bottle, and chewed away for two hours, whilst staring at the floor, ocassionaly looking up to stare at my friend the DJ's ass. That night, my friends I inhibited all characteristics of a greener. 

Next word. 
I dont suffer from FOMO but a shit load of my friends do. Lara, is one of my best friends, she is in a solid long-term relationship, shes drop-dead beautiful, has a shit load friends, a few good jobs, and no real obvious reasons for her FOMO. The only thing I can say about lara is that her voice is way to loud, and has a microhpone like imbuilt inside of it and its annoying, but she knows that. FOMO is FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Lara is afraid. Lara is very afraid of missing out. Infact Lara is so afraid of missing out, she makes it her business to know where everyone is, at everymoment, when anyone leaves - she'll know about it, and she CANNOT MISS OUT on anything. I find it funny, because im the opposite. I couldnt care less, infact I get told off by Lara for saying 'i dont care' to much. whatever. I could literally be sitting in one of my friends kitchens with 4 other friends, and lara will call each of us invidiually in a row. If for some reason, nobody answers, lara will call the house phone. out of control. lara, I love you. your amazing. anyway, FOMO....when something is going on and you think you might miss out...G-d knows on what...FOMO is what its called.

1. GREEN - to green it

the end

Saturday, May 3, 2008


fashion week, the most hillarious,exhausting week of my life. to  be continued...when i glue my body and head back together.