Saturday, December 15, 2007

Take a photo it will last longer

I went for lunch yesterday, I got amazing japanese at Raw Bar in Bondi Beach. My friend Jarrod was with me, (he just returned from london, where he resides) and he was wearing white socks under rolled-up jeans and some patent black leather loafers. Anyway, this man next to us, was staring at him, in a really really rude if to say 'what are you wearing?' It annoyed me, so I really loudly offered him a photo opportunity, it was kinda uncharacteristic of me to do that, and be a little rude to a totaly stranger but whatever, seriously, stop staring at things that are different- its just plain offensive.

I kinda love how humans can be so awful, but then can be so kind. Ummmm, it reminds me of movies like Crash, fuck Crash was such an amazing see the complete split all humans have.It is said that all humans are capable of murder, of surivial, and of love... do you think this is true?? If it is true, the film crash is probablly the best way to understand this. I was driving with my friend JJ the other day on a huge freeway when we realised the four lanes were being merged into one lane due to road-work. I was in an amazing mood as I'd just had a bath, and so I was just kind really happy to just be me in my car and in a very chilled mood. When all these cars had to merge I noticed how curteoues, kind and non-agressive everycar was being to one-another. It made me really happy. It is so easy to just get angry when you get cut off whilst driving, to go nuts about finding a car park, but in the end, when it comes down to it, humans have the ability to work together, and I love it, it makes me sooooo happy. I love that when cars have to suddenly merge and deal, they can. I love that in times of need, humans will be there, and have been- eg september 11 aftermath, tsunami aftermath. Yes, it is shitty that it takes something tough and brutally raw for humans to wake-up and lend a hand, but atleast it happens at all. It's crazy how the smallest things, such as smiling at someone (a stranger) could make there day that much more bearable. I think Daft Punk got it right with the title of there song'human after all.' HELL YES!
sigh. Its a new week, its summer, its nearly xmas, the last week has been crazy eventful, I need to just de-brief in my head and then Ill write a proper post.
For now,

one week and daftpunk.
im excited, I feel really sick today though.


emilie said...

this is noice. much more positive then the last post. love you chicken pie. x

Max said...

I do agree with lots of what you have just said!