Saturday, December 1, 2007


What matters:

“I mattered to him, he mattered to me,” a line often used enough to be considered a typical line upon discussing ones love for another, or perhaps lack there of. If one is to really consider the word ‘matter,’ what does it really mean?

What makes one person matter to another? Is matter merely, to trust another, to care for another or is matter really about feeling significant to another human being as if you are matter, natural bursting energy of matter?

If in scientific terms, matter is energy… then couldn’t matter simply be considered the energy in which the world goes round. For example, the sea is energy to the sand, as rain is energy to the rainforest. Therefore, sea and sand ‘matter’ to each other, as rain and rainforests ‘matter’ to each other.

Similarly when another human being matters to us, is it about the truer most fundamental meaning? They (the one in our heart) are our matter, our energy, our substance unto which we thrive. If we can understand that all we have on earth that is true is ‘energy,’ then perhaps when we decide that someone matters to us, what we really are doing is connecting to the earth, life and the people we were ‘meant’ to be walking beside, our matter, our reasons, our source, our path, our life.

This is a photo of her hotel in the SohoGrand NY....she let me stay with her there, and we got dressed up one tutu dresses and went for an amazing dinner. Our Friendship matters!


rach_el said...

we met last weekend at 77, and i promised that i would read your blog - and read your blog i have.
I absolutely adore your blog and am captivated by your innate ability to write the way you do and about the things you do. I can't even begin to explain how much i relate to some of the things you write about. I appreciate your words so much.
wow, i hope this doesn't sounds overly sappy - if it does, i apologise.
by the way, i promised to bookmark your blog, and i definately bookmarked it. haha.
well, i just wanted to say keep up the amazing work.
your blog is great.

cara said...

Your words talk from a very innocent part inside. From a girl with very large eyes trying to eat the world up with them. Many dont matter what matter is, and just roll past it, sometimes too quickly to see. But thats why they need people like you, to remember what feels and is meant to be felt. And then, all the women in the world and anxious prone people can float and roll together, but acknowledge the importance of one another. To make the other know that they matter.
Head on the nail beautiful.

JESSE said...


JESSE said...


JESSE said...

I'm doing all these separate comments to get

JESSE said...


JESSE said...


JESSE said...

I think it worked?

Sooooooooooo, indeed it was to good to see you too.

But fuck. Way to make it awkward for me. Excuses excuses I swear I said au'revoir to el platinumo like sooooo long ago.

Your blogs pretty dope. The shameless self promotion in my comments should get you/it some action. Deservant action though.


So wasssss been going on?

Are you studying at the moment or.

I'm trying think of a way to sign off that'd make me cooler then just dropping some xxxxxxx's

maybee just maybe you could reply to my spaace or if your more of of a web log gal'eee. then try


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Emilie said...

oh man cara your commet is so funny your such a cute pudim...

trinx some fly shit right there.

hahaha cara. head on the nail. so funny

ps how are you barbie ? long time no least 4 days. weird.

have the LA blowins returned to their homesteads? life in the normal sense can now return. (bar that, the jarrod fizzle circus has returned to town)


katrina symonds said...

RACHEL!! i know exactly who u are! thankssss so much for reading...i really appreciate it! hope your good love! hows the time in sydney going??

katrina symonds said...

RACHEL!! i know exactly who u are! thankssss so much for reading...i really appreciate it! hope your good love! hows the time in sydney going??