Thursday, November 29, 2007


these are my recommendations of where to eat and what to eat when in Sydneys Bondi Beach.


Aqua Bar - The TUNA SALAD! - (the folks at aquar bar dont care how much you change the menu to suit yourself) so go a BRAT whilst mending a hang-over!coffee is really good here too! they bottle there dressing cause its an amazing 'secret' dressing so you can buy it here and use it when your bored at home making some food. dip your chips in it. pour it allover a lettuce leaf, whatever! When I was living in NY one of the things i missed most about home was the TUNA SALAD AT AQUABAR

Shop 1, 266 Campbell Pde North Bondi NSW 2026Phone (02) 9130 6070 (also its right accross from the beach - so its really pretty) oo and the buttermilk pancakes are amazing

North Bondi Italian - the crab pasta - yup - amazing for a sunday night dinner or afternoon with friends. the wine list there is HOT too (well so it looks, i dont drink) ummmm, also make sure you go to the bathroom there- they have chalk boards in the loo and provide chalk so you can write things on the wall such as : "this date sucks, someone save me i'm on the table to the left of the bar in a white suit jacket, fuck me im fierce"

120 Ramsgate AvNorth Bondi 2026 NSW Phone: (02) 9300 4400 (also on the water)

Pompeis Gelateria and Pizzeria - the pizza is good, but i'd go there for ice-cream anyday! the coconut , ferrero, is amazing. As far as gelato goes - rasberry, and mango rock! Also ask for extra choclate sticks in your serving, and take a kilo of it home with you!

126-130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach - (02) 9365 1233

Mojos Bar and Tapas Grill - hit it with like a huge group of friends, sit outside, order heaps of food, watch the sun set, be happy.

32 Campbell Pd NSW Phone (02) 9130 1322

Le-Paris-Go - an incredibly sceney place, which usually stops me from going there. BUT, the chicken cesear salad is FUKING great. Its massive and it is fun to chill out there and people watch.


Hurricanes Grill- the best steak, burger, chickensalad whatever meat place in Bondi! Sometimes kinda hard to get a table, but worth it. Everyone looks like pigs in there, guys get bibbed out when eating ribs and they all look like big babies. I like just a good steak fillet with pepper sauce, chips and a giant glass of coke. Then Go next door for ice-cream and coffee!

130 Roscoe Street Bondi Beach NSW Phone (02) 9130 7101


Emilie said...

i would die for the paris-go ceaser right now. and a burger from hurricanes.

you should put raw on that list. best sashimi, white wine and the best view of the beach a human could ask for.

JESSE said...

Is it just me or does this nice piece of raw NewYork Striloin just make for the best blog post avatar ever;