Sunday, November 4, 2007


This painting says so much. Kandinsky is one of the most inspiring artists. He saw colour when he heard music, and he heard music when he saw colour. There is so much I want to say about this artist, but I can't even think of the words to write. I just think his work says a lot about the human condition, about frustration, expression, vibrancy and LIVING. I saw his work for the first time at an exhibit at the Tate Modern.

This is the Tate Modern. If I could get married, anywhere in the world. This is the place, other than The little chapel in las vegas (replete with Elvis impersonator). If I could runaway anywhere, and feel real, fantastical, magical, and anything else one sees with rose-coloured glasses on this is where I'd run. I'd stand infront of Monet's work (which is on display there) or I would light a cigarette on the grand balcony with the view of St Pauls and the River Thames and I would just sit there for hours, rain,hail or shine.

Thats all.

If I could drive for hours, along some sort of coastal line I would listen to the King. He is unbeleivably cool, he is ridiculous. He is the soundtrack that fits in with my family and my childhood. Driving to the Blue Mountains, Borwal. Umm...I cant be bothered to write anymore. Enough said I guess.

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