Sunday, November 4, 2007


I found this website tonight - its its part founded by Miranda July. Who is really talented. The site is a collaboration...a board in which she suggests quirky things to do...which ultimately can bring you closer to yourself, someone else or just to make you smile. Random people send in their ideas on certain subjects and the results are really touching.
Miranda recently released this book of short stories about random people on there quests to maybe be a little less lonely. I've always loved to read,watch,listen to stories about people who are 'outsiders,' people who 'defy norms,' just by being who they are. In a recent article I read somewhere, the interviewer asked Miranda about the title of this book. She said that if she could say one thing to unify all the characters she had written about she'd tell them that 'No one belongs here more than you.' I think that line, the choice for the title is completely beautiful.
Last bit of Miranda July- she wrote, starred and directed her debut feature film which won a whole stack of awards at Sundance (and I'm sure at other festivals world wide). This film sticks with her clear insight into loneliness, love, individualism and quirky humour. YAY.


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i love this its like a window into your mind, have you seen the squid and the whale?
have u read perfume?

theo said...

A girl with a brain......very cool

Anonymous said...

Sometimes things look better when you look at them differently. Here:maybe this book is not a masterpiece, but certainly it is worth a read or two even if you’re not really reading but only looking at your hands…i really don’t think Miranda July would mind.