Friday, November 9, 2007

I just want to dance....TOMORROW- but this is todays story!

I've just spent the last two-three hours glued to my computer downloading and spending too much money on itunes...but being the morally righteous little lady I am, I couldn't justify stealing music. I mean would you still a buskers guitar? I think not! Would you steal a dollar off Kanye West? I think Not! Bitch, that guy will bring you down..... Anyway, music music music everywhere...but nothing to get excited about tonight awwwwwwww, I have way too much work to do, and can't stop sleeping.

I drove to meet some friends for an early nachos tonight at deans. , and on my way I heard a song by MIKA being played on the radio. It really pissed me off, the first time I heard this song I died and floated off to orchestral heaven. Well, the song has been ruined! It was called 'Happy Endings,' and it was amazing , like my boots in the photo below.

But now, (the song has been renamed to 'shit happens thus allowing for any happy ending that may have been to be utterly ruined and shat on') has this synthesized excuse for a percussion section in it, and its become a void of its original musical orgasmicness. So that's the big boo-hoo of my day. Anyway, at deans I went across to my work and said hi to my manager who has just returned from the international football league (not sure of the actual competition) anyway, he represented Lebanon in it and scored a couple of goals for his country which is really cool, he now has soar feet so he's wearing really ugly slippers around! I also pulled money out tonight and discovered that I have more money than I originally thought I had, after I went shopping last week. P.S. I don't care how superficial it sounds, if you are in a mental rut, buying clothes DOES make you feel better. Yes, its only temporary, but its better than drugs and lasts longer = no comedown! The other thing I do to feel better is to eat steak...I don't eat meat at home, because I don't trust my own cooking and it ewws me to look at raw meat being cooked, but steak at a good restaurant (not at sizzler, or in a cheap pub) is priceless. My steak cost me about $80 last week, on a chick-date with my friend Tali, but it was so worth it....and she was really good company, cause she ate duck. We also shared oysters and that was nice. Oysters are my favourite food, and I don't often order them, except when I'm with Tali cause she chows them down like the world is ending and I do too.

Here is a little photo of tali, with steph and jenna.

Anyway, back to music and the one song that is really get me amped at the moment is Ice Cream by Muscles. Something about talking about ice-cream in lyrics is just a really sexy thing, I find lyrics about ice-cream a really big turn on. Is that weird?

I mean there's

'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.' (that's about an orgasm clearly)

Then there's the New Young Pony Club who says

'I can give you what you want. I can make your heart beats short. I can make you ice cream, we could be a sweet team meltin in your vice dreams, sport' (That's just hot)

and now there's Muscles with his

'ice cream is gonna save the day, ice cream is gonna save the day again, ice cream is gonna save the day again, i don't need a number, I just wanna dance with my shirt off, and I don't want no other, I just wanna dance.' (YESSSSSSSS)

I think the best trick to get out of a rut is to dance, shake it all off, if only for a moment, and just let your body go go go. hehe .Tomorrow I want to dance and eat ice-cream!

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Emilie said...

i really loved this trinx...and the fact that im feature din the pics and my photgraphic prowess is on show! where the fuck did you get an 80 dolla steak? you could of bought a farm of cows for that. i want icecream but have recently discovered i am lactose intollerant. how lame.

speaking of tali, duvie was at the club i worked at onight how funny! he slike hey! arnt you part of my sisters sweatshop.

anyway have no idea what im typing, have sttod in the rain with a clipboard for 5 hours and my feet have gone all pruny from the wet. i love you! exams over wedensday. lets chill out wit our grillz out and party like its 1999.

peace homie and sweet kisses and dreams to you!