Wednesday, November 28, 2007

G-D Bless America and cupcakes and classic DISNEY

Ok, an amazing last two days
1. I am officialy an American resident fucking crazy huh? I am only 20, and I am officialy an Australian citizen and an american this a new life long adventure? sweet! Which basically means, I can live in NY,LA,SANFRAN,SYDNEY,MELBOURNE and even HAWAII for the rest of my life, provided I stay on the straight and narrow....I can be a two country slut- as in i can play off Australia to America.....and be like 'fuck you australia, im going to america'...and vice versa. I can even consider importing an australian flushing toilet to america and an american flushing toilet to australia (yup our toilets flush differently), and thats really confuse me! So im heading to LA in feb just to check into the country and then im going home for 4months to finish off my degree and then ill be back in LA around may/june. IN TIME FOR SUMMER! infact with my dual residency I can bascially skip winter...hence I can the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind...I LOVE THIS SHIT!

2. I went to Lesley Arfin's reading last night of 'DEAR DIARY,' I was kinda nervous to meet her but I really wanted to. My mum (yesterday) found this amazing poems she had written when she was 20, (my age) and they literally made me cry. It was so weird that she happened to give me them the same to I was going to see Lesley that i was like 'i HAVE to take this poems and show her them.' Anyway, these poems were written in 1967 on a typewriter on frail paper. AMAZING! im gonna post them at a later stage. it was amazing to see my mum was an intense junior like I am now, shes deffinately mellowed out of the years, but she still is kinda crazy, and I love her. ummmm, so....I met Lesley and she fucking rocked....she was soooo sweet and it made my day. her blog is and I recommend just checking it when you have a chance. I felt like this little kid, at story time when she started reading, i sat with my legs crossed (most comfortable position ever) on the floor and with my eyes and mouth wide open! heeheh I wanna be 5 being told stories again, bring the classic story-telling back I say, but please no dream-time stories, they bore me to shit! So, I found these photos from and they are of me at the reading. I look like I am about to shit myself in one of them! heheh, im just being honest, it aint pretty! hehehe the cobra snake is mark the cobra snake, and he was there last night too, he made me really happy cause he knows Lesley and when I showed him my mums poems beforehand he was like 'you have to show her dont be embarassed' and so i did, so a photo of him is going up to with lesley, also cause we've met like once but hes always smiling, and thats so good to see from someone you hardly know! Lesley and Mark are both americans, and so it was an american day! yay!

This is the crap my pants shot!

3. I started watching Bridgest to Terabithia at like 2am, and I got into a conversation with a friend about how much better classic disney is...i'm sorry but the LION KING pulled my heart-strings!


eliebelie said...

ok so.. since the day i found out katrina is a blogger ive been hooked on her writing. everyday i check ur myspace, facebook, and now to see what new in the world of ms symonds. i belive u have a talent missy. keep up the good work, ur beautiful babe.. ps.. next time u go to america for a holiday.. count me in!!! xo

pps.. when am i gona see ur sexy ass again?


Emilie said...

let me tell you a dream time story....


i dont have much to comment as i already knew all of this. but to say that photo of me is mid blink and makes me look like a heroin addict. a running trend for this midweek i feel.

you should of talked about the mexican. actually no we will keep it secret or else the place will become overrun with the hipster olympics and the sweet ass prices will be jacked up and you wont be able to refill your pepsi

(ha how intrigued are you all reading this?)

you should speak to michelle about this teribithia buisness, shes is also a recent wild fan.

fave old school disney?
a tie between a little mermaid and pocahontas. those bitches are my home girls.

over and out.

katrina symonds said...

omg im gonna write a list about fave food in sydney and what to order.

Lex said...

Dual citizenship is like scrambled eggs and bacon which are both good on their own but better together (can't wait to while many of my years away in Europe and Australia)! Regarding your last comment; check this out;
Blog On...


Mark said...

i wrote a review of lesley's book
dear diary